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Before Your Site Goes Live 


Launch Site (login required)

Ready for your site to "go live" for the first time?  The Web Team will help you to:

  • Publish your new site (make the pages go live)
  • Activate your home page alias (an easy-to-remember URL)
  • Integrate your site into the overall .edu site (add a link to your content on the A-Z index and on any other landing pages, as needed)
  • If applicable, set up a redirect on your original FTP site (so users who try to access the old URL get redirected to the new one)
  • If applicable, archive and take down the original FTP site

After your site is launched, you may publish updates and changes anytime, as needed.

After Your Site Goes Live


Alias or Redirect (login required)

An alias is an easy-to-remember URL.  Example aliases: 

A redirect automatically sends users from an "old" page to a new one.  


Modify Search Results (login required)

Two options are available to influence how search results are displayed for users on the .edu Search Results page:

  1. Key Match - Allows you to specify exact results for user-entered search terms.  The results appear at the top of the .edu search results page. 
  2. Related Query - Allows you to suggest alternative/equivalent search terms to users.  The alternative terms guide users to additional results.

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