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How to Use the CMS

The Ektron Content Management System (CMS) is a complete online system for adding and editing Web content. It includes an editor with Microsoft Word-like functions (Aloha). Content within the CMS, when viewed as a Web page, appears within a pre-defined layout driven by design templates.

Classes & Open Labs

You can sign up for all CMS Classes & Open Labs via MC Learns by clicking "Web Site Development and Management" under "Technology Training".

CMS Open Labs

Come work on your Web site and ask questions.

CMS User Guide

A reference manual with step-by-step instructions on how to use the CMS and the WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") editor. Includes everything from logging in to managing menus. Our user guides are sectioned into three different courses covering more advanced material in the higher numbered guides.

CMS1 User Guide (PDF- 2.4 MB)
CMS1 Class Presentation (PDF - 3.1 MB)
This class is an introduction to the most essential skills required to create and maintain department Web sites using the Ektron Content Management System(CMS).

CMS2 User Guide (PDF - 2 MB)
CMS2 Class Presentation (PDF - 1.9 MB)
This class is for advancedusers with the college's Content Management System (CMS). During this class youwill learn the more advanced functions of the CMS such as headers, menus,tables and embedded videos. Participants must have taken the Content ManagementSystem for Beginners class (CMS 1) and have CMS credentials.

CMS3 User Guide (coming soon) 

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