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College Area Review

Administrative Review & Assessment

All administrative units at the College participate in a self-evaluative and assessment process.  The administrative unit review provides information essential for Collegewide planning, resource allocation and budgeting as well as for assessing the effectiveness of the unit. The administrative unit review offers an opportunity to identify actionable recommendations necessary to ensure unit efficiency in meeting the needs of students, employers, and the community.  The periodic and systematic review of all administrative units helps determine institutional effectiveness, contributes to student learning, aids in meeting accreditation standards, and evaluates alignment with the College’s mission.  All administrative units are reviewed on a five year cycle.

As a result of the review, actionable recommendations are reviewed and approved by senior leadership with implementation expected within the given five year review cycle. Yearly status updates of the approved recommendations are required.

Should you have any additional questions or need assistance please contact us at or 240:567-5343.

Administrative Review Manual (.pdf)
General Timeline (.pdf)
Administrative Report Form (.pdf) 
Administrative Review Rubric  (.pdf)  

Administrative Review PowerPoint

Administrative Unit Reports  (MyMC authentication required)


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