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2.3  Available Templates

The following CMS templates are available: 

Template Name Description
Department.aspx  |  Example 
DepartmentCAS.aspx (for secured content)
DepartmentCASLocal.aspx (for secured content)
  • Single left menu
  • Appropriate for basic sites
Department2.aspx  |  Example 
  • Different top and left menus
  • Separate left menu for each of the major sections of the site listed on the top menu
  • Appropriate for more complex sites (e.g., departments with several subunits)
Department3-home.aspx and Department3.aspx  |  Example 
  • Similar to Department2.aspx
  • Left menu appears higher up on the page, adjacent to the banner image
  • Banner image appears only on home page (department3-home.aspx)
Department4.aspx and Department4sub1.aspx | Example 
  • Similar to Department2.aspx
  • Department4sub1.aspx has no left menu
  • Ability to add images to the menu
Individual.aspx | Example 
  • For faculty/staff profile/professional sites
  • Same as Department.aspx
Plain.aspx  |  Example 
  • Single left menu
  • Navigation bar for major landing pages remains at top

Forms.aspx  |  Example 
DepartmentCASform.aspx (for secured content)
DepartmentCASlocalform.aspx (for secured content)
Sub1form.aspx (library template)
Sub2form.aspx (library template)

  • For Web forms
  • Various templates available to match other non-Web form templates
    (e.g., Departmentform.aspx matches the look of Department.aspx)
eduPopup.aspx  |  Example 
  • Basic page with no navigation or branding
  • Appropriate for pop-up windows or when a basic page is needed
Photogallery.aspx  |  Example 
  • For CMS slideshows with thumbnail images
Blogcas.aspx  |  Example 
Blogcas3.aspx (public can view posts; includes login button for specified users to manage content)
Blogcas4.aspx (if secured, users must login to view blog posts)
  • For blogs created in the CMS

Library templates:
Library-Home.aspx (home page)

  •  For subpages in the MC Libraries' site



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