Safety Guidelines for Mascots and Assistants

  1. Be aware of the limitations of the costume
  2. A structured stretching exercise and flexibility routine will precede and follow all activities, practices, pep rallies, etc.
  3. Mascots and assistants must set parameters in the performance area and stay away from dangerous unstable areas, i.e. be aware of the "traffic patterns" of the teams during pre and post-game and halftime.
  4. All skits performed with or without the cheerleaders should be practiced in the following order prior to performance: out of uniform, with cumbersome parts (feet, head, hands), and then in full suit.
  5. Mascots must recognize their specific ability level and must limit their activities accordingly. "Ability level" refers to the individual team member’s abilities and skills as a whole
  6. Individuals should not be pressed to perform activities until safely perfected.
  7. Mascots and assistants must keep properly hydrated during and after the performance.