Program Requirements for Raptor Mascot and Mascot Assistants

Wearers of the mascot costume should abide by the following rules:

  1. Never speak while in costume, except to an accompanying assistant in hushed tones
  2. Be a positive representation of school spirit
  3. Never dress/undress/remove head in public, the mascot’s identity should be kept secret at all times!
  4. Gym shorts, a sleeved t-shirt, and knee-length black socks or leggings MUST be worn under the costume
  5. Excessive or risky stunts are prohibited.
  6. Never degrade game officials, student-athletes or the opposing party’s mascot
  7. Should not be distracting during the national anthem, when someone else has the floor at halftime, during serious injuries on the field/court, or at any other time that is deemed inappropriate. Photos of the mascot shall not be taken, nor are they permitted to appear on any social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  8. Always be aware of the limitations of the costume
  9. A structured stretching exercise, flexibility routine, or warm-up period should precede and follow all activities if vigorous actions are planned.
  10. Tumbling or other stunts are prohibited
  11. Proper hydration before, during and after any appearance must be followed
  12. A maximum of 45-minutes may be spent in costume before taking a break
  13. Wearers must bring a dry set of clothing to change into after each performance
  14. Abide by good conduct on and off campus.
  15. Follow the Montgomery College Student Code of Conduct.