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Frank Islam Athenaeum Symposia Banner Spring 2015

Frank Islam Athenaeum Symposia

Welcome to the Frank Islam Athenaeum Symposia....

Frank Islam Athenaeum Symposia Speaker Series 

Frank Islam and Sanjay Rai Photo     

Photo above features Frank Islam (left) and Dr. Sanjay Rai (right). The artwork behind Mr. Islam and Dr. Rai was created by David Carter, the chair of the Germantown Art Department, as a gift from the College to Mr. Islam.

Dr. Rai's Interview: The Frank Islam Show

Dr. Sanjay Rai, senior vice president for Academic Affairs, was interviewed in May on The Frank Islam Show, where they discussed the exciting happenings at Montgomery College. The interview aired on several networks on July 6. Please go to the following link to watch the interview:

The following is a list of speakers for the Spring 2015 Frank Islam Athenaeum Symposia.

Hedrick Smith Photo 100x100

Wednesday, February 4, 7:00 p.m.
Hedrick Smith: Author, Winner of Pulitzer Prize

Who Stole the American Dream? (published 2012) - Remarkable account of how “we have become two Americas…divided by power, money, and ideology”; Smith traces “the dissolution of American democracy.” [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ]

Jennifer Clement Photo 100x100

Tuesday, February 24, 7:00 p.m.
Jennifer Clement: Author, Awarded National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship, President of PEN Mexico

Prayers for the Stolen (published 2014) - Stunning portrait of women in rural Mexico, especially young women stolen and trafficked by drug lords. Novel is based on hundreds of interviews of Mexican women over many years. [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ]

Anya Schiffrin Photo 100x100

Tuesday, March 3, 7:00 p.m.
Anya Schiffrin: Author/editor Director, Media and Communications, School of International Affairs, Columbia University

Global Muckraking: 100 Years of Investigative Reporting from Around the World (published 2014) - Labor abuses, corruption, oil and mining, environment, famine, military and police, and women: ritual killings, sex slaves, and genital cutting - some topics covered in Global Muckraking. [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ]

Jennifer Nordberg Photo 100x100

Tuesday, March 24, 7:00 p.m.
Jennifer Nordberg: Author Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting & recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy Award in Journalism for documentary on Afghan women

The Underground Girls of Kabul: In Search of a Hidden Resistance in Afghanistan (published in 2014) - Nordberg charts the journey of Afghanistan girls raised as boys through childhood; after puberty, these girls return to the female roles of wives and mothers—the bacha posh tradition [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ]

Ambassador Akbar Ahmed Photo 100x100 

Tuesday, April 7, 7:00 p.m.
Ambassador Akbar Ahmed: Author The Thistle and the Drone (2013) - awarded 2014 German Peace Prize. Chair-Islamic Studies, American University; former Pakistani Ambassador to UK. Kingdom

ISIS, War on Terror, and Muslim Community: Coping with a Dangerous World World - renowned author and scholar, Ahmed draws on 40 case studies in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia to reveal the often unrecognized adverse effects of campaigns on the war against terror. [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ]

Brian McNeill Photo 100x100

Wednesday, May 6, 7:00 p.m.
Brian McNeill: Renowned musician International Scottish musician and singer, who plays over five instruments

Rousing political protests and traditional Scottish and Appalachian ballads will fill the evening with song. McNeill’s joy and enthusiasm are contagious--the audience will be compelled to sing along at the evening’s end. [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ]

Free to students and public
Location: Montgomery College, 20200 Observation Drive, Germantown, MD 20876, Germantown Campus, High Tech Building, Globe Hall

No Reservations Required.
For questions, contact Joan Naake at 240-567-1951 or Email: .

For accommodations, please call 240-567-7767 or 240-567-6967

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