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Art History is comprised of introductory Art Appreciation (ARTT127), Art History: Ancient to 1400 (ARTT200), Art History: 1400 to present (ARTT201), Architectural History to 1400 (ARTT265), Architectural History 1400 to Present (ARTT266) and four specialty courses: Survey of Asian Art (ARTT272), Italian Renaissance Art (ARTT275), American Art (ARTT279) and Modern Art: Its Origins and Development (ARTT280).

Each of these courses is a lecture/discussion taught with visual images. Art Appreciation addresses art of all periods from around the world and introduces students to the methods, materials, symbols and meaning that one finds in the history of art. The art history courses are taught chronologically. Art History: Ancient to 1400 examines art from cave paintings through the Gothic period. Art History: 1400 to present begins with the Renaissance and covers art to the present day. Art Appreciation, Art History: Ancient to 1400, and Art History: 1400 to present are offered every semester and summer session. The architectural history surveys are offered every term, one in the evening and one during the day; they alternate semesters. The specialized courses are offered in rotation with Asian Art in the fall and Modern Art in the spring.

contact:  Professor Ken Jassie     240-567-5245


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