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Aquatics Classes

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  • Beginning Swimming - PE 129, 1 credit
    The beginning skills for the non-swimmer. Designed to build confidence and develop a water-safe student. Two hours each week.
  • Intermediate Swimming - PE 130, 1 credit
    Designed for students who have some swimming experience. Front crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, over-arm sidestroke, and inverted breaststroke. Two hours each week.
  • Swimming for Fitness - PE 137, 1 credit
    An individualized exercise program to develop cardio-respiratory fitness. Training methodology and conditioning principles applied to distance swimming. Emphasis on a personalized training program. This course does not include stroke technique. PREREQUISITE: Swimming proficiency. Assessment level: RD 099/103. Two hours each week
  • Water Exercise - PE 135, 1 credit
    Stimulating exercises providing for optimum fitness. Water resistance for developing muscle tone, increased endurance, and figure improvement. Water buoyancy for aiding relaxation, endurance, flexibility, and figure improvement. Stress and tension release through creative exercises in shallow water. Not a swimming course. Assessment levels: EL 104/EN 002, RD 089/102. Two hours each week.
  • Skin & SCUBA Diving - PE 138, 2 credits
    This course provides the novice with the minimum knowledge and skills necessary to participate in open water scuba diving activities without direct leadership supervision. Upon successful completion of the course requirements, the student will receive an entry-level scuba diver certification. Scuba cylinder, buoyancy compensator device, regulator, fins, mask, snorkel, and weight belt with six to eight pounds of weight will be provided. PREREQUISITES: Recent physical examination and must pass a swimming proficiency test on first day of class. Assessment level: RD 099/103. Ten sessions (one hour lecture, two hours laboratory) plus field trip for open water dives.
  • Underwater Photography - PG 155, 1 credit
    Theory and techniques of basic underwater photography including classroom discussion of methods, equipment, and theory plus in-water work for practical experience. PREREQUISITES: PG 150 or consent of department and accepted Basic Diver Certification. Two hours lecture, two hours pool work each week for five weeks plus a field trip for open-water work. Student must supply some diving and photographic equipment.


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