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UMCP Transfer Credit Services

UMCP Transfer Credit Services

Transfer Credit Services at UMCP (University of Maryland, College Park

The University of Maryland, College Park does maintain a VERY useful facility called the Transfer Credit Services where you can determine exactly which MC courses do or do not transfer and what the equivalent course is at UMCP.  Since this site is maintained by UMCP, you can depend on the accuracy of the transfer information.  The Transfer Credit Service website link is:

ARTSYS at USM (University System of Maryland)

ARTSYS is a computerized system meant to enhance your transfer to any college or University in Maryland.  You can get to ARTSYS from this link: or you can search for ARTSYS in Google.  Then you can look up suggested 2-year transfer programs for engineering for any college or university in Maryland.  Be aware that ARTSYS is maintained by USM (University System of Maryland), not by the individual colleges or universities or by the particular department or curriculum at the transfer institution.  So, while the information about transferable courses and credits is useful as an overall guide, it is not necessarily accurate and/or up-to-date.  ARTSYS will tell you exactly which programs are available at any of the transfer institutions in Maryland.  So you can look for engineering programs at the University of Maryland, College Park or the University of Maryland, Baltimore County or Morgan State University.  When you look for details about a particular program, ARTSYS translates the course numbers at the 4-year school to Montgomery College course numbers for your convenience.  Obviously this process (using a matrix of courses) works well if the courses are almost exactly the same in content, credits, and pre-requisites.  For instance, PHYS161-262-263 transfers smoothly as the necessary 11 credits of physics at UMCP.  But they don’t transfer as neatly to UMBC since UMBC has TWO required 4-credit engineering physics courses for a total of 8 credits.  For up-to-date and accurate information, you should look at our Engineering Advising Website tabs for transfer to UMCP or UMBC or (in the near future) Morgan State University, West Virginia University, George Washington University, and Georgia Institute of Technology. 

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