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STEM Combinator Camp (SC²)

"A Combinator is a person who is willing to bring their best intentions to the Gathering Place, 
in hopes that they will find others ready to create beautiful and complex things."

Irene Moshesh, Ph.D.
Combinator Camp Program Director
Combinator Camp Mathematics Instructor


Dear Potential Combinator Family,


STEM Combinator Camps were created to provide a mathematical and artful "Gathering Place" for our youth.  Each Saturday gathering, Montgomery College Combinator faculty will present Combinator Campers with warm-up exercises, a "mini-lecture," and team challenges designed for them to make connections between mathematics and the world around them.  Combinator Campers will be encouraged to work singularly and collectively to find and express solutions to these challenges. 


Our curriculum features faculty-designed mathematics and writing modules that use up-to-date resources, including:

  • case studies generated by Harvard Business Publishing for Educators;
  • Mathematics for Educators: An Interactive Approach, written by Dr. Thomas Sonnabend, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Montgomery College, Rockville.

Each module is designed to get Combinator Campers excited about the power of mathematics and writing through hands-on learning.


To foster a college-level learning environment for Combinator Campers, select Montgomery College students in the Pre-Professional Instructor program will assist in mentoring and guiding each Combinator Camper through various learning challenges and exercises.


We hope you will join us!



Irene Moshesh

Montgomery College

Montgomery County, MD


©2014, Montgomery College