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Welcome To 2017 - 2018 STEM Explorations

SK ProgramMontgomery College's Sonya Kovalevsky Program is the result of a combined effort among the college's SEM (Science, Engineering, and Mathematics) Departments and MCPS (Montgomery County Public Schools), with additional collaboration and support from UMD and USG. The Sonya Kovalevsky Program seeks to increase middle school girls' interest, confidence, and competence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Sixth grade girls will apply to the program by completing the online form. The program provides participants with innovative learning opportunities (see below)  while helping them to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. The long term goal of this program is to create an annual cohort of middle school girls we can track and support in pursuing STEM studies into high school and college.

This expanded program evolved from Montgomery College's annual Sonya Kovalevsky Day, which was designed for Montgomery County 8th grade girls and their mathematics teachers. This annual event has been taking place at Montgomery College since 1996 as part of the College's commitment to increase the number of women pursuing the sciences and mathematics at the post-secondary level. Women are underrepresented in science, engineering, and mathematics post-secondary education programs of study and professions. Educational experts point to middle school as the vulnerable period when girls start choosing not to take elective math and science courses, and studies suggest that children's beliefs about their abilities are central to determining their interest and performance in different subjects, the classes they choose to take, the after-school activities they pursue, and ultimately the career choices they make. Sonya Kovalevsky Day workshops focus on applying math, problem-solving, and analytical skills and promoting STEM career awareness. Additionally, there have been specific workshops for teachers involving innovations in pedagogy and technology.

Funding and support for the annual event has come from Montgomery College's Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Area (Rockville), Academic Initiatives and MC/MCPS Partnerships, the Montgomery College Foundation, the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Tensor Foundation, and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Montgomery County Inter-Branch. Additional funding from an AFCEA-Bethesda grant in 2012 has enabled the expansion of the annual one-day conference to year-round activities for middle school 6th grade girls. Because of this generous funding, there is no fee to participate in the program.

Thank you to all who participated in our November 19th, 2016 Sonya Kovalevsky Day Program! 

Click here for photos from the event 

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