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If you are having difficulty registering for a class online, it is likely that you either have a hold on your account or are encountering a registration add error. 

Holds that Prevent Registration

To find out if you have a hold, log-in to My MC.  Click on "Student Services" under the "Student Quick Links" section.  Then, click on "Student Records," and then "View Holds." 

If you see this hold...

You need to take this action to remove it...

Academic Dishonesty Contact Academic Department listed on hold for more information.
Athletic Equipment Return outstanding equipment to Physical Education Department.
Academic Restriction See  Academic Counselor or Advisor prior to registration.
Academic Suspension Must sit out one fall or spring semester before resuming studies. See  Academic Counselor or Advisor after semester off to register.
Account in Collection Contact Joann Jackson at 240-567-7211.
Advising Questionnaire Holds Log in My MC and click on the Starfish icon on the TOP of the page. Select the Advising Questionnaire option and complete the questions.
Bad Address on File Complete a Student Address/ Information Change Form and submit to Admissions and Records.
Bad Debt- GO TO CASHIER Go to Cashier's Office to satisfy debt.
Cashier Hold Go to Cashier's Office to satisfy debt.
Child Care Contact  Ching-Ling Yeh for more information.
College Registrar Contact  College Registrar to schedule an appointment.
Cont Ed (Pathways) Contact Pathways to Success Program to register.
Delinquent Account Go to Cashier's Office to satisfy debt.
Departmental Obligation Contact Academic Department listed on hold for more information.
Early Placement If you are still in high school, you are required to register in person.
Finance Read description for more information.
Germantown Dean Contact  Germantown Dean of Student Development to schedule an appointment.
International Contact your  International Student Coordinator for more information.
Math/Sci Center Equipment Return outstanding equipment to Math or Science Center.
Do not Contact (Student Req) If you will resume classes at MC, e-mail Admissions and Records from your My MC e-mail account to remove hold.  An active address and acceptance of College mailings and other communication is required for all current students.
Need New Domicile Bring documentation of your address to Admissions and Records. 
Academic Athletic Compliance Contact College Athletic Director to schedule an appointment.
Parking Hold Go to Cashier's office to pay or Security office for questions
Owes Perkins Ln- Not on Acct Contact Business Services at 240-567-5333 for more information.
Rockville Dean Contact  Rockville Dean of Student Development to schedule an appointment.
Registrar- Germantown Contact  Admissions and Records for more information.
Registrar- Rockville Contact  Admissions and Records for more information.
Registrar- Takoma Park Contact  Admissions and Records for more information.
Stafford Loan- GO TO FIN AID Contact Student Financial Aid for more information.
Takoma Park Dean Contact  Takoma Park/Silver Spring Dean of Student Development to schedule an appointment.
Underage Applicant If you are under 16, you are required to register in person.  If you are over 16, e-mail Admissions and Records from your My MC e-mail account to remove hold.
Verify SSN Bring Social Security card to Admissions and Records.

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Registration Add Errors

If you try to register for a course, and encounter an error message, it is highly likely that you need to choose another course or seek additional permission to enter. 

If you try to register for a course...

You will see this error message...

Without the appropriate   prerequisites or assessment levels 

PreReq/Assess: You do not meet the requirements for this course. Please review the course description at

That has a corequisite 

CoReq: You also need to register for (course number).

That has one option for a corequisite 

CoReq CRN: You also need to register for (course number/CRN).

That is full but has an open waitlist

WL: There are students on the waitlist for this course.

That is full and doesn't have a waitlist

CLOSED: Full course section. Select a different section/CRN.

That is full with a full waitlist

CLOSED: The waitlist for this course section is full. Select a different section/CRN.

Through online registration the day the course begins or after Registration for this course is not allowed at this time.

When you're record is not set up to for credit courses

Level:  Your course selection is limited to Non-Credit courses only.  Contact Admissions & Records at 240-567-5000 for assistance.

That is already on your schedule

Duplicate: You’re already registered for another section of this course.  You must drop (CRN) before you can add this section.

That is cross listed with the credit or non-credit equivalent already on your schedule

Cross list:  You are already registered in an equivalent course. First drop (CRN), and then add this course.

That you have already taken 3 or more times 

Repeat:  To register for this course for the third time, see a Counselor for permission.  Fourth attempts or more require an approved Academic Appeal.

That requires a specific major to enroll or is designed for a select group of students

Departmental:  This course is only offered to students with a specific major.  Please review the course description at


Permission (Specific Department or Faculty Member)


Approval of  (Specific Department or Faculty Member)

That is offered at the same time as another course already on your schedule

Time:  You are registered for (CRN), which meets during this time.  Drop (CRN) to register for this course.

When your schedule is full

Max Hours: You have reached your registration credit limit.

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