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Technology Resources in the MC Library

The Montgomery College Library and Office of Information Technology have invested in several resources to assist students in their academic success. Outlined below are some of these resources and some of the guidelines for their use. In addition to those outlined, each campus library has a WEPA print kiosk, WiFi throughout the library, and MS Office software installed on each library computer. The Mac computers also have Adobe Creative Suite.


Each campus library has both Mac and PC computers for use. You must log into them using your credentials . Those affiliated with the College will use their M number, including the M, and their last name, capitalizing the first initial of the last name. For example, m00000000, Smith. The time allowed each session is two hours. Once the first two hours have passed, the computers automatically restart and all files are removed. It is crucial to have an external source to save your work. We recommend either a cloud storage option, such as OneDrive/Google Drive, or a USB drive (aka, flash drive). Once the computers restart, there is no way to recover files. Students have the option to log back in for two more sessions, for a total of six hours a day. 


Each campus library has scanners for use. Instructions for use are located near each scanner. 

Laptop/Tablet Loans

For those students who would rather utilize a portable computer, each main campus library (except Cafritz Art) loans laptops and tablets on a two hour in-library basis, with two renewals allowed (for a total of six hours a day). Interested students sign an agreement to abide by policies and procedures regarding their use. The laptops and tablets have the same file removal procedures as the desktops, and files cannot be recovered once the computer shuts down.

One Button Studio

Students and faculty have access to the One Button Studio to record videos. You can reserve a session for up to two hours. See the One Button Studio Policy for more information.

Collaborative Workstation

Each campus has a multi-user workstation that allows for collaboration and sharing of screens for up to six devices. You can reserve the workstation in advance. See the Collaborative Workstation Policy for additional information.

Group Study Rooms

Each of the group study rooms have computer connections to a large wall monitor. Part time faculty may utilize the rooms to meet with students, when available. The rooms can be reserved for a maximum of two hours per day per group. Refer to the guidelines for each campus to determine applicability. The rooms can be reserved in advance . See the Group Study Rooms Policy for additional information.

Charging Stations

Each campus library has charging stations available. Each station contains a multitude of plugs to fit a wide variety of devices. Please note, the library is not responsible for your device left at the station, so please stay near the station and keep an eye on it.


The campus libraries have HDMI and VGA cables, as well as a variety of Apple adapters for connecting your devices. They are available for checkout. 

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