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FAQ page with Joan Naake

 Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  General information about MC Governance and each of the governance councils can be found on this website.  See below for more specific questions.

Do you have a question that is not addressed here?  Email a question to the Directors of Governance, Dr. Clevette Ridguard and Brad Pabian

Q: Where can I find meeting dates and times for each council?
A: Visit the Governance Calendar page to see a list of all upcoming governance events, or visit the "Meeting Dates, Agendas, and Minutes" page on a given council's website to find council-specific meeting dates.  

Q: How can I find out who my representatives are on a given council?
A: Visit the council's website and navigate to the "Membership" page on the menu on the left.

Q: How can I stay informed about the topics being discussed on each council?
A: You can attend meetings, read the agendas and minutes for all council meetings, visit the council's website, or contact the members of the councils for more information.

Q: How can a members of the College community who do not serve on a council have their voice heard?
A: All member of the college community are welcome to attend council meetings.  They may also contact their representatives on councils to present their ideas and opinions.

Q: Where can I find student, staff, faculty, and administrator representation on the 13 councils?
A: In addition to their own constituent council, each of these groups is also represented on all four campus councils, all four functional councils, and the College Council. 

Q: What will be the guiding force behind each of the councils?
A: The constitution and bylaws will be the guiding force behind the operation of the councils. The College’s mission, vision, values
 statements, and strategic plan will drive the direction of the work that is addressed by the councils.

Q: When will nominations and elections be held for the councils?
A: Nominations and elections will occur during the spring semester each year.  Prior to nominations, information will be posted on the MC Governance website, MyMC, Inside MC Online, sent through collegewide emails, as well as other appropriate means of communication with the College community.   

Q: How do I know the positions for which I am eligible to run?
A: Visit the How Can I Get Involved? page to find the positions within MC Governance for which you are eligible to run. 

Q: Will all 13 councils' meetings be open?
A: Yes, all 13 councils in the model will hold open meetings in the same manner as described in the Maryland Open Meetings Act.

Q: Do both full-time and adjunct faculty have representation on the Faculty Council?
A: Yes, they are both be represented on the council.

Q: Does the Staff Council represent all staff at the College?
A: Yes, the Staff Council has representation from bargaining and non-bargaining staff.

Q: Do students from all campuses have representation on the Student Council?
A: Yes, students from Germantown, Rockville, Takoma Park/Silver Spring, and Workforce Development & Continuing Education are all represented on the Student Council.

Q: How are the campus, constituent, and functional councils represented on the College Council?
A: The chairs of each of the four campus, constituent, functional councils comprise the membership of the College Council.

Q: Where do the standing committees of the former Academic Assembly fit into the new MC Governance structure?
A:  The Collegewide Curriculum Committee and the Committee on Academic Regulations and Standards are subcommittees of the collegewide Faculty Council. The membership of these standing committees has not changed. Matters that had been discussed by the Faculty Issues Committee will now be addressed in the collegewide Faculty Council.

Q: What happened to the campus-based Faculty Councils? 
A: The collegewide Faculty Council may establish a standing campus-based Faculty Committee if it chooses, with a representative from that subcommittee serving as a voting member of the Facutly Council.  If established, the campus-based Faculty Committees shall consist of both full-time and part-time faculty members. 

(Last updated on 8/20/12)


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