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MC SOCCER DOES: The First Week of School

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Thank goodness for this three-day weekend! It has only been a week into school and we are beat. Tuesday we traveled an hour to Stevenson for a scrimmage. Than Thursday we traveled 3 hours to Glouster for our first official game. All 28 players and 2 managers crammed into two vans.


 You get to know a girl pretty well when you’re stuffed into her personal space for 3 hours. We talked, ate and sang the whole ride there. “All About That Base” by Meghan Trainor has become my vans theme song. It played so many times on the radio that even our coach started singing along.


(If you would like to keep updated on the Raptor athletes make sure to follow)


On top of soccer everyday we are all full time students! I asked a few of my teammates about their favorite classes.

Here are some of The Women’s Soccer Team’s favorite classes this semester:

Women’s Weight Training- “Being a soccer player it was hard to know how to lift with out stunting my speed. My teacher discussed and showed us how to improve muscle tone as well as muscular endurance.”

Controlling Stress and Tension- “After lectures we lay down on the floor and breath deeply and relax. The teacher is nice and practical!”

Sociology – “Professor Hernandez engages the class and forces her students to think outside the box.”

Psychology- “Professor Palmer makes me feel comfortable to speak up in class and he cracks me up every time! He makes learning exciting.”

I hope you all enjoyed your three-day weekend as much as we have! Please let me know about your favorite classes and professors, maybe it will help me out picking classes next semester.


Love always,

Katelynn Suzanne




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