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Procrastination 101

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The first week of classes are nearly behind us all. If you are like me and took classes over summer then really there wasn’t much of a break from study. I’m not complaining though, taking classes over summer was essential for me to be able to complete the 68 credits required for my degree in two years. I am so glad that Montgomery College offers these summer classes to make it possible. I don’t know about you, but I still get a bit apprehensive at the beginning of a new semester. With each semester I have become more confident I can comprehend the content in class. However I still get anxious about the make-up of my class, and most importantly, my professor. The professor can have a profound effect on my ability to achieve the grade I am aiming for. I think everyone wants the same things out of a professor; someone relatable and that we feel we can build a rapport with over the semester. Personally, I also want a professor to clearly explain the class requirements during the first meeting, so there are no surprises during the semester. Luckily at Montgomery College, I have never really had any major issues and I appear to have hit the jackpot again in regards to professors this semester. Once again my apprehensions have proven to be unfounded.

My biggest fear going into this semester is my ability to manage my workload. This semester is going to be very different for me to the others I have had so far. The reason for this is I am now working as well as studying. It’s not that I didn’t want to work before, but I had some complications with my visa when I first arrived from New Zealand, meaning the process of getting my work visa took 13 months instead of 3 months. I am now taking all my classes at night, along with an online class. I have thought about how I am going to maintain my current GPA while working and studying, and there are two key words I am focusing on this semester, organization and procrastination. The first, organization, is pretty straight forward. I am planning to write a list of dates when all my assignments and exams are due, so I know what I need to do as each one comes up. Procrastination is much harder for me to combat, especially at the start of the semester and I find this particularly hard during fall semester. The weather outside is beautiful this time of year and it’s just so easy to be doing something else! My aim this semester is to focus on not leaving things until the last minute. This is a challenge for someone who would usually get an ‘A’ in any “Procrastination 101” class. If anyone has any ideas on how I can effectively manage my time, and how I can juggle my work/school life then I would love to hear some.

Each week on my blog I am going to write an interesting fact about New Zealand just to give everyone an idea of life there compared to here in Maryland. First up, I will start with a pretty simple fact. There are 4.4 million people living in New Zealand compared to 5.8 million in Maryland. When you consider the fact New Zealand is about 8 times bigger than Maryland in terms of area, you can really imagine how my life is different here.


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