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Misleading Monday

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It’s easy to let one bad thing distort your positivity. An awful test score can ruin your day. Start off late for something and it throws off your entire schedule. But those things are misleading.

Take my day, for example.

I wake up at 1:15 PM—more than a little late for my 11 AM meeting.  The exterminator is supposed to come at 2. I scrounge up some clothes and throw them on while simultaneously pushing all of my furniture a foot away from the wall. It’s during this frantic activity that I realize I have a second meeting scheduled for 3. I hurriedly check the bus schedule. It’s 1:50 and the bus is coming at 1:53. I grab all my stuff and sprint out the door shoving my hand in my bag to grab my Smartrip that, by a sick twist of fate, is not there. It’s no big deal, I tell myself. I’m catching a ride on, they’ll take my student ID. Except when I get to the corner I see it pass, just a 10 second walk away.

A ten second walk across four lanes of busy life threatening traffic.

So I decide to take my moped all the way to school despite not having a parking permit. I stop by the Starbucks looking for coffee to wake me up and accidentally order a chai tea instead. I attempt to fill out the meeting’s paperwork without a pen until someone takes pity on me and lets me borrow theirs. Then I have to go and give this “honors society” 60 dollars that I don’t really have.

From there I call my insurance company. They assure me that everything is okay and that I can finally pick up my much needed prescription. So I moped on over to CVS and spend the next hour fighting with both the pharmacists and the insurance company about a problem that someone had told me was fixed. I end up just paying the stupid bill out of pocket.

Then I rush to a dealership, sign a whole bunch of paperwork, and listen to a man tell me my car could quite possibly not be ready to drive for another 2-5 weeks.

But it’s okay because I still own it. The title will be in my name just as soon as I pay for it. I swipe my debit card; punch in my number, and… incorrect pin. I had lost my bankcard the week before and had gotten a new one. It’s written on a paper at home but the exterminator is there and we can’t go back in the house until 7:30. It’s 5:30. And to top it off, I have homework due tomorrow.

At 8 I finally go home—tired, cranky, and more than a little hungry.

It’s at that point that I start to pity myself. And it’s at this point that I give my self a good slap in the face.

The weather was beautiful. I was on time for my second meeting. I drank a delicious chai tea. I joined an honors society. I’m half way to owning my own car. Someone offered me kindness in the form of a pen. I now know my new pin. My insurance problem is finally being solved. Food tastes ten times better on an empty stomach. I did not get a ticket.

So chipper up, negative Nancy.

It’s not called a “Happy Monday!” for nothing.



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