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Blast Off!

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I'm going to the moon! I'm going to the moon! I just booked my flight over Skype with Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic! I'm so excited and cannot wait! Sure, I'll have to sell my truck, drums, guitars, and vinyl but it's so worth it! After selling all that stuff I'll be 1/1000 of the way there. Yay! Is two and a half minutes in space really worth $224,500? You bet it is!

......and I'm back.                                                                         

Dennis here, your trustworthy blogger full of keen insight and educational dedication. What a week last week was. I'm sure my fellow Monty readers are fully aware of just how nuts life has been recently. I studied, typed single-space, and consumed strong coffee for seven days straight. I love coffee. If coffee could hear I would tell her how much I truly love her. (Actually, I tell her anyways regardless of having ears or not). Besides the maximum caffeine intake allowed before being rushed to the ER, I also fell in love with chewy almond granola bars. Extremely satisfying in four bites, sometimes three.

For those of you who read last week's blog entry, I mentioned how unsure I was as to whether or not last week would be the last posting of the semester. It turns out that today is my last posting and if you really must know, Elvis is not alive kids (read last week). What really happened was a Safeway clerk told me that I had the persona of the king. I naturally thought it was because of my sideburns yet I guess Elvis does exist in some way, shape, or form according to certain cashiers of America.

For my last entry of what was an incredible semester full of great teachers and kind students, I decided to make a short film depicting my everyday occurrences last week, up until my final this past Friday. I'm about 25% done and shall continue to edit after work today and post it here for your viewing pleasure later tonight. I look forward to entertaining you via my acting skills as I have hopefully achieved this key objective already during my brief tenure as a blogger extraordinaire.

A loud shout-out goes to my readers, friends, family, better-half, and especially to the people who decided on making me a student blogger representing all things Montgomery College. Who would have guessed that my wacky thoughts would be available for all to read?



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