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Has it been a year already?

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Firstly, like Besith I've lost count of how many posts I've missed. I think it was only last week's but I'm not entirely sure. With it being the final stretch of spring semester (almost wrote "spring break"), I was just a wee bit busy with paper writing and midnight studying.

Generally, I try to do anything and everything to avoid studying. I'm surprised I didn't write a blog post everyday for the past two weeks. I would have even offered to write other people's posts for them. This might be the first time in my life I actually have given academics precedence over extracurriculars. I think that's good...not sure...never been there (Hello 4-year colleges, I'm a good student. I swear!)

I didn't take high school all that seriously. Part of it is because I consistently overstretched myself in extracurriculars, but I also had some stuff going on in my personal life that weren't all helpful for my productivity. So when I choose to attend Montgomery College despite getting into some decent 4-year universities, I had to overcome a lot of skepticism. My friends and teachers were asking me if MC was really the right path. They said I wouldn't find enough intellectual stimulation or enough things to get involved with.

I can proudly say they were wrong. I like to think I've excelled. My GPA for this semester might beg to differ but I've grown both intellectually and a person. Frankly, after how rigorous RM's IB program was I thought MC would just be a breeze. I was a little surprised at how challenging the Scholars program was and at how many clubs and activities there are on campus. It's a little hard to top taking 7 college level classes and running a City Council campaign at once. But MC sure finds ways to surprise me - and I think that's mostly good.

There are actually so many things I'd like to get involved with but the amount of hours in a day (seriously...only 24?) made me really choosy with what I'd like to get involved in. The angry Facebook messages I get from a friend whose club I don't have time for and the awkward looks I get from MBI/SIFE people are a testament to that. And I get more than enough intellectual stimulation. Whether it is with conversations with MC (Em-See not "Mc") friends or professors, I'm really happy with the education I'm getting here. So if anyone out there is considering heading to MC, don't hesitate!

I must be contributing something back to MC too. I recently found out I'm getting the Paul Myron/Robert White Award and Edward McDowell Award on coming Wednesday's Awards Night.


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Very much like Denis below me, I am also extremely late in posting this week (last week? Where is the time going?); a combination of finals preparation, with familial reparations, actual finals week and extra hours at work. Life gets in the way ever so often. But the last two weeks have been splendid.

As some of you may recall, I participated in the MC Poetry Slam last month and I hope some of you were able to attend to witness the raw talent on display. The experience itself was a tad surreal as I foster a significant fear of performing in front of people (goodbye school plays, talent shows and kick-ass impromptu rock concerts) so that my decision to just sign my name and follow through with my commitment was a big step.

It was a great experience, however. Parents, friends and school faculty make a highly receptive audience; MC slammers deliver. There was a great feeling of solidarity among us, even though most of us had not met until that night, so that what was important was our participation, respect of each others’ work and willingness to listen attentively. The competition part? Not so much.

But for the sake of it… I grabbed third place with a poem titled “Bedroom Activism,” which utilized the continuous theme of sex to deconstruct same-sex relationships amidst a society that still does not allow same-sex couples to live completely openly and families that typically struggle to accept homosexual members. And so, for you out there, the outcast/outlier wondering if MC will be accepting enough of you: I cannot guarantee that it will be all of the time, but mark my words, it will be most of the time. The sheer diversity of its campuses solidify this fact. Fear not. :)

My semester is officially almost over; I still have some loose ends to tie before I update my Facebook status some summer related comment, which is the only way summer can be started, obviously.

Final comments next week on what it really means to done, and what a two year community college student does after, well, being at community college for two years.



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