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Hercules in Russia

(Keren Nathalie Urrutia) Permanent link

Hello all :) I hope your weekend was as good as mine!

Although usually I spend most of my weekend finishing homework, this weekend I had the chance to attend a play in the Cultural Art Center building at the TP/SS campus.

The production, "Hercules in Russia," is the story of a young black man, who after being the victim of racism in America right after the Civil War, decides to move to Russia where he lands a job as the guard of the royal family. 

There, he becomes friends with the Grand Duchess Tatiana, a teenager trying to figure the world she lives in and who keeps trying to grow up faster in an already messed up world. The play takes place in St. Petersburg before and during the Russian Revolution, and Hercules find himself listening to what a young revolutionary man named Lev has to say about the Russian government and his beloved royal family. He also has to face the demons of his past, specially the death of his true love Sunday.

It was an amazing production! I enjoyed every second of the 100 minutes the play lasted! 

It's probably one of the best plays I've attended in the last years. (I usually go at least to one play every semester since I started attending MC) The quality of the acting and the script was outstanding, and even though the decor and lighting were simple, they added extra realism to the play. 

The best thing was that MC students pay special prices to attend these events, so I only had to pay 5$ (although I would have paid more if I've had knew the quality of the play!) which is pretty great considering the recession we are in right now.

Attending the play was required for my speech class, but like I said, it was worth it. If you haven't see it yet, I recommend you to go this weekend (last weekend actually.) It's an amazing play :)

The Colloquium

(Sairam Nagulapalli) Permanent link

The Capstone Colloquium is tonight. As I put my finishing touches on my speech and try to pick out a tie, I cannot help but feel nostalgic and reflect on my experiences at Montgomery College. With college applications due in just a few more days, there's that sense of finality. That growing sense of feeling that my time at Montgomery College is increasingly coming to an end.

I don't think it's just the Colloquium and college applications that's making me come to terms with the fact that it's my last semester here. Participating in the Common Student Experience group got the ball rolling. I was thinking about my experiences - both positive and negative - at Montgomery College. And for the most part, I've had an overwhelmingly positive time here. The negative experiences were mostly superficial and things you would find at nearly any other college.

I think we can measure the worth of any experience by the kind of relationships we cultivate. Though I am very grateful for the intellectual experience I have received at Montgomery College, I also highly value the friendships I've made here.

So in light of this, it might be a little surprising to think that I only reluctantly attended Montgomery College. It was a big decision to attend a community college right after completing a grueling magnet program in my high school. But looking back, I think my fears about attending Montgomery College were largely misguided.

This seems more like something I should have posted in a few months - around the time I graduate from MC - but it seemed more fitting because today marks the "end" of my journey in the Scholars program. Though the program will officially end today, it has left an indelible impact on my life. I shy away from exaggerations and cliches, but this was truly a transforming experience and the program only affirmed my decision to attend Montgomery College. In many ways I will always be a Montgomery Scholar. The insights I've gained into the world will hopefully guide me into understanding our world a little better. The memories of the program, the wonderful friendships will always be very dear to me.


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