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Community Service why it Matters to you.

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College is an important step in every student’s life. As a student here at Montgomery College, it’s our job to discover who we are and what career could possibly compliment our confidence, along with the personality that defines the person that we become as an individual. This is the time in our lives to shape ourselves.

When people ask: What are you studying? Or perhaps a question such as this comes up: Why are you studying that major specifically?

What is your response? Usually my answer is; I am studying English and I minor in sociology. I chose English because I enjoy writing and sociology is a subject out of my comfort zone, but I honestly don’t mind a challenge.

But the real question is: do you ask yourself why? Why is English a major that’s important to me? Why is sociology my minor? Is this knowledge I want to know and will it benefit me? Is the image we have in our heads an accurate one? Sometimes I question myself all the time if I have made the right decision for the major I have chosen for yourself.

An excellent fact about Montgomery College is that this school provides many opportunities for each student. Yesterday between classes I took a few minutes to go to the community volunteer fair. This fair was looking for volunteers in every major, so for everything I was interested in I grabbed papers at every station. (Well almost) I collected papers on the organization called PAWS which works with animals and if you plan to work with animals you might want to consider giving it try. I also chose to consider helping the Potomac River Watershed cleanup because I am a sucker for the outdoors and the environment, so if that sounds interesting give it a go! Another one for all you health majors out there I really encourage you get into the organization TAYA (Teen And Young Adult Health connection) they are looking for people and really do need the help. Lastly, if you are majoring in education you might like the idea of actually working with children. This organization helps Wood Middle School and Tilden Middle School. Don’t worry you don’t do it alone. The people who planned this will train and prepared you that way you’ll feel confident and ready!

I cannot emphasize how essential it is to understand your major more. Trust me you can never learn enough about it. This is your life long decision, please, make sure this is what you want to do for the rest of your life! Take time out of your busy schedule and get involved in the community. Dip your feet in before you make that permanent leap. There is no shame in changing ones mind besides isn’t that what college is about? Isn’t this our time to learn and experience the world around us? Isn’t now the time to change our minds and find our calling?

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