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two left feet and a dash of coffee

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I am so pleased that I made it through the day!

I woke up this morning feeling well rested and ready to take on the day.  However, it was one of those days where my mind didn’t seem to be working with my body.

I live in a town house and of course townhouses have many sets of stairs. ( I don’t recommend anyone EVER buying a town house! They’re deadly!) I was running a little late this morning and Thursdays I have my class in Takoma Park, so I usually try to leave by 6:45 to catch the train on time. Anyway, I woke up on time, but it seems I walk with two left feet because I end up tripping and tumbling down the stairs. Thankfully, I am okay, but I ended breaking my phone's screen. I can no longer make calls, but for some reason I can receive them just fine. I laid in the middle of the living floor for about ten minutes laughing, crying, (along with a few choice of words).  After I was able to get myself together, I was able to leave on time.

My day was going normally again.  I forgot about the incident that I had to endure. My main focus was getting to class on time because I had a quiz at the very beginning of my CPR class.  After I arrived on campus, I had time to spare. I felt I could burn time and I got myself a cup of white hot chocolate.  The taste is heavenly. I headed toward the health science center with my warm hot chocolate in my hand. I arrived to the building on time and entered with a smile on face. Apparently, I thought too deeply and distracted myself from a closing door which was held open by my noggin. Ouch! I ended up with coffee all over myself.

What a day! I am happy to finally be sitting on this couch writing this blog. Now that I look back, I’m lucky to have a hard head. Next time I need to  make sure I’m awake mentally as while as physically. Word of advice to non morning persons : Don’t take a class until after 10 AM. 
Have a happy weekend everyone! I’m going to take some time and just rest my head for the weekend. Maybe watching a bunch of Julia Roberts movies will heal me right up.




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