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Better later than never???

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Yes... I know I'm super duper late today!!!!! And I don't have pictures yet :( Sorry about that....

Do you ever have a day that starts bad and only gets worse and worse???? That was today for me...

I woke up late first of all, so I didn't have time to have a decent breakfast...

Then, because I thought it was raining and didn't check the weather before I left, I wore boots, heavy clothes, a jacket, and scarf.... by the time I got to the bus stop, I was so hot that I felt my face was burning... and my feet hurt because my boots were new and I didn't knew I needed to wear extra thick socks... It was awful

Then, I got to school and had to run to get to my class on time because I completely forgot that today was Wednesday, and my class was across the bridge :( ...

I kind of had a break during the afternoon because my job is great and my boss is amazing, so I spend the rest of the morning finishing some homework and getting my act together... It didn't last long...

Today, the first part of my first essay was due in my Literature class as well as some interpretative questions. I spent yesterday afternoon putting together the greatest introduction ever, and answering the questions, so they would be the best answers possible. I saved the work in my flash drive, of course. Due to my lack of attentiveness this morning, I forgot my flash drive :(... Guess who spent the afternoon re-writing that same work...It was awful :(

So, I didn't forget about the photos or the blog... I just had the first bad day of the semester...

Won't happen again... I hope so!!!


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