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College Access Program -UPDATE

Refocusing Resources for Disability Support Services' College Access Program

The College Access Program is refocusing resources and shifting from a classroom-based program for students with specific learning disabilities to an academic support program, available to students with a variety of disabilities.  This shift will allow Disability Support Services - Rockville to be more inclusive of all students with disabilities at Montgomery College and to provide additional services to a greater number of students.

In addition to the classroom and testing accommodations that are authorized in the Accommodation Letters, peer tutoring and academic support are available.  The Disability Support Services' Academic Support Center on the Rockville Campus is providing:

  • Peer tutoring in reading and writing
  • Peer tutoring on a limited basis in content areas
  • Academic support in study skills, such as organization and time management
  • Evaluation and training in Assistive Technology

These activities are coordinated by DSS faculty and staff and Learning Specialists in Reading and English.  To access all accommodations and services students are required to meet with a DSS counselor.

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