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Transfer Step 1

Transfer Planning Step 1:  Meet with a counselor or adviser each semester prior to registering for classes

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1.     Montgomery College students transfer in impressive numbers to an amazing array of four-year colleges and universities every year.  Take a look at the Transfer Destinations List to see how far and wide Montgomery College credits go!

2.     Seek assistance from an MC advisor EACH semester when choosing courses.  Each campus has counselors and advisers who can assist with transfer advising.  Say from the start that you're interested in transferring to a four-year school.   Advisers have less time to talk during peak registration times (April/May, July/August and late December/January are peak times).  Discuss class choices even before schedules come out.  Class schedules are published at these times:  Summer/Fall Schedule - Early April; Winter & Spring Schedule - Early to mid-November.

3.     At the Rockville Campus, Departmental Advisers can assist you with planning for specific majors.  MC Department Websites 

4.     Get involved in transfer planning programs - watch for Transfer Workshops and Transfer Information Days on your campus.

Transfer after One Semester at MC

Many students come to Montgomery College as “Spring Admits” to Maryland four-year institutions.  Schools like the University of Maryland - College Park, UMBC, and Salisbury offer high school seniors the opportunity to enroll as freshmen in the Spring following their high school graduation.  Some Spring Admissions offers are based on satisfactory completion of transferable credit classes taken at a community college.  Students who have “Spring Admissions” offers should bring the admission letter to MC counselors so that the details of the offer are clear.  Here are some specifics:

UMCP Spring Admits – Students are offered several choices: 

  1. Take classes at UM through the Freshman Connection Program.  These courses are taught usually in the late afternoon on campus.  Freshman Connection is run by the same group that provides Winter and Summer Sessions at UM.  Students who choose Freshman Connection and who do not commute must arrange for off-campus housing, which generally requires a 12-month lease.  Read more about Freshman Connection here.
  2. Take classes at a community college in Fall, and enroll at UM in the Spring.  Housing is guaranteed to Spring Admits, but be sure to follow up on your housing application to let them know that you want housing for Spring.
  3. Do something other than take courses in Fall.  Spring Admission at UMCP is typically not dependent on performance in Fall classes, whether those classes are taken through Freshman Connection or Montgomery College.  Remember, though, that your grades do matter if you take courses.  Many students use this opportunity to take classes to stay on track to graduate in four years.  

UMBC Spring Admits:

UMBC Spring Admission offers are usually dependent on the successful completion of 14 credits at a community college.  Applications will be reviewed after the student submits a transcript from Montgomery College in early January  showing Fall MC course grades.  Students in this category may want to take a Summer course (three credits) at MC in the summer following high school graduation and four courses in the Fall (12 credits) to assure successful completion of the required 14 credits.

Salisbury Spring Admits:

Salisbury’s offer typically suggests that students who elect to take classes at the community college in the Fall must complete those courses with a minimum 2.0 GPA. 

Some final words about Spring Admits:  taking classes at Montgomery College provides students with the best of both worlds.  Spring Admits can concentrate on getting great grades in small classes without having to adjust to huge lecture courses and the social pressures that come with living away from home.  

Transfer after One Year at MC 

Students with this aim need to earn 30 credits, or roughly two-to-three semesters worth of credit course work.   Most schools want to see completion of 12 credits (four courses) and an overall grade point average of a 3.0 or higher by the end of the Fall to be considered a true “transfer” student.

  • WHEN TO APPLY: If you were admissible as a high school senior (that is, if your grade point average [GPA] and SAT scores met the school's freshman admission requirements), you can apply from October on for transfer admission the following Fall. Watch each school's Transfer Admissions webpage to find out when the transfer application becomes available.  Most schools want to see your first semester's grades at Montgomery College (grades from Fall).  Many schools require that you earn at least 12 transferable credits to be considered as a transfer student. You'll still need to submit your high school record and SAT's, but your grades from Fall at M.C. will be THE most important factor.  Many schools will ask that you send a second copy of your transcript at the end of your Spring MC semester before they can make a final decision to admit you.  

Transfer after Two Years at MC 

Students may wish to complete 56 credits or an Associate’s degree (60 credits).  The majority of transfer scholarships are granted to students who have completed an associate's degree.  See any counselor or departmental advisor for assistance in choosing courses and planning for transfer.  Consider General Studies as the most flexible transfer degree; or, if you have a specific major in mind, such as Engineering or Business, discuss your degree options with a departmental advisor.

  • WHEN TO APPLY:  If you have between 24 - 30 credits on showing as completed on your transcript, and your GPA meets the transfer requirement (for UMCP, a 3.0 is preferred, for many other MD schools, a 2.5 or higher; out-of-state schools, check each website for a suggested GPA), you can apply any time from October through  March  for transfer admission for in the Fall.


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