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Report Your Service-Learning Hours

Serve, Share, Earn with Givepulse at MC


What is Givepulse?

Givepulse is a nation-wide platform that helps you find volunteer opportunities and share your service. Montgomery College has a portal within Givepulse where you can register for MC-specific opportunities, share your service hours, and earn MC service awards. 

Register to Serve

Find MC-specific opportunities at

1. First time user? Click "Sign Up" and select "Log in via your College." Enter your MyMC username & password.

2. Register for events* 

*Student clubs & organizations: To create your own events, you have to be an administrator of a subgroup. Request your own subgroup here

Share your Service 

Already volunteering? Use the “Add Impact” button to share your hours, rate projects, and write reflections.

1.    Go to
2.    Log in via your College
3.    Select the green “Add Impact’ button
4.    Select the organization you served with (e.g. Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, etc…)
5.    Enter the name & email address of the person who supervised your service
6.    Enter the date or time span you served during
7.    Enter your total hours served
8.    Add a description & reflection about what you did
9.    Check the boxes to share with groups that need to see your hours (e.g. a service-learning class or student club)

Earn Service Awards

Share Your Service in GivePulse to Earn the Spirit of Service Certificate (20-99 hours) & Spirit of Service Medallion (100+ hours)! Awards are earned annually for hours served between May 1-April 30. 


Service-Learning Hours: What to Count


  • Performing any activity assigned to you by your  community partner
  • Creating products as directed by a community partner, e.g. grants, brochures, website
  • Performing any activity directly related to the outcome of your service project, like making flyers for a fundraiser you are helping to plan
  • Planning, researching, or preparing for activities, when necessary to complete assigned tasks or as directed by an community partner
  • Undergoing training or orientation activities, when hosted by a community partner or related organization, e.g. CPR training by the Red Cross for an assisted living center
  • Planning projects with a community partner by remote or in-person meetings


  • Traveling to/from a service site, unless with clients or the organization as part of a related activity, e.g. a tour that is part of an orientation, training meant to prepare you to do the service task, supervising school children on a bus to a service site
  • Sleeping, i.e. when staying overnight at a service site
  • Eating, unless as part of an assigned activity, e.g. at a meeting or even
  • Contacting community organizations when arranging an initial partnership
  • Research done on your own to enhance your knowledge or understanding of the partner
  • Reflection activities, assigned or otherwise, e.g. journaling, making class presentations, writing class research papers  

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