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Transfer Times July 2014

Transfer Planning Tips for Montgomery College Students - July 2014

Competition for seats at transfer schools increases every year. Students who do not apply by transfer deadlines may not be accepted. Meeting deadlines suggested below includes sending the application AND your MC transcripts by the application deadline.

Sample Transfer Application Deadlines - as Early as August 1 if you plan to transfer to UMCP next Spring 2015!

University of
Maryland, College Park  

UMCP Transfer Application Deadlines:  Website: 

Spring 2015 Admission  (Entry for semester beginning in January 2015)

August 1:  Priority Application Deadline - Apply by this date for best consideration for admission.
You’ll receive a decision beginning in early October if you complete the application by this date. Due to space limitations, early application is strongly encouraged. [MC Note:  If you apply after August 1, you will not receive a decision until late December/January]
August 1: If you are an  international applicant and/or an applicant with any non-U.S. academic records, you must apply by this date.

Regular Application Deadline
November 15:
 You’ll receive a decision beginning in mid-December if you complete the application by this date. Due to space limitations, earlier application is strongly encouraged.

Applying for Transfer to UMCP in Fall 2015?  

Fall 2015 Admission (Entry for semester beginning in September)

March 1:  Priority Application Deadline Apply by this date for best consideration for admission.  You’ll receive a decision beginning in mid-April if you complete the application by this date. Due to space limitations, early application is strongly encouraged.
March 1: If you are an  international applicant and/or an applicant with any non-U.S. academic records, you must apply by this date.

Regular Application Deadline
June 1: You’ll receive a decision in early July if you complete the application by this date. For best consideration, you are strongly encouraged to apply by the priority deadline of March 1.

Confirmation Deadline:  30 days from date of admission.

International Transfer Students: non-immigrants currently holding or intending to seek a F-1 or J-1 visa must follow the  international deadlines  which are earlier than regular deadlines.

See the Transfer Admissions Site for details 

  • MARYLAND TRANSFER ADVANTAGE PROGRAM (MTAP) guarantees admission for students who have 30 to 60 credits completed at MC with a 3.0 min. GPA – excludes competitive majors (LEP Limited Enrollment Programs) (  Even if you are looking at an LEP major, you are still urged to apply for MTAP for the Advising Benefit.  The next MTAP Application will be available from Sept. 15th to Nov. 15th.   See the MTAP website for the online application, deadlines and details:  FRESHMEN ALERT:  JOIN MTAP BETWEEN SEPT. 15 AND NOV. 15TH THIS FALL 2014!!
  • ALL MONTGOMERY COLLEGE FRESHMEN ARE URGED TO APPLY FOR MTAP REGARDLESS OF TRANSFER DESTINATION.  MTAP does not commit you to attend UMCP, but it keeps the door open later in case you choose UMCP.  Find the MTAP Application on the MTAP site between Sept. 15 and Nov. 15th, 2014.

  • Find Pre-Transfer Advising at UMCP through 15- minute Walk-In Advising Appointments; 30 minute Advising Appointments (AIM, In Person, Telephone); e-mail (; and through scheduled Community College Visits. Phone 301.405.9448 and 301.405.9449.

- UMCP has 14 competitive majors, called Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP),which have additional "Gateway" course requirements and GPA minimums, see the list here:    Note that the GATEWAY courses have changed – check each individual major to see new requirements.


- List of All Majors @ UMCP:


- On-campus housing (dormitory) opportunities for transfer students are limited - you may  apply, but also investigate the resources of the  Off Campus Housing Office .


Towson UniversityTransfer Student Deadlines  

What’s Due? Transfer Applicants, Spring 2015 Transfer Scholarship
Applicants, Fall 2015
Transfer Regular Decision Applicants, Fall 2015
Application for Undergraduate Admission October 15 December 1 January 15
Honors College Application N/A December 1 December 1
FAFSA (if applying for financial aid)* As soon as possible February 15 February 15
Enrollment Contract and Deposit December 1 or ten business days from the date of your offer of admission letter, whichever is later May 1 or ten business days from the date of your offer of admission letter, whichever is later May 1 or ten business days from the date of your offer of admission letter, whichever is later
Housing Contract and Deposit ** December 1 May 1 May 1

*If you have already processed a FAFSA to attend another school, call 1-800-4FEDAID and request that your FAFSA results be sent to the Towson University Office of Financial Aid.

** Find information about on- and off-campus housing, including deadline information and availability, from the  Department of Housing and Residence Life.  


  • Business majors @ Towson must have a separate GPA of 2.7 for all Core Business courses - see details here. The Business major at TU now requires both MA 160 Elementary Applied Calculus AND a Statistics (BA 210 or MA 116).
  • Towson has 21 “Screened Majors.” Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to "screened" majors. Screened majors have additional admission requirements. Some screened majors require prerequisite courses or a specific GPA, other programs require a portfolio review or audition for admission. See Screened Majors here: 

List of All Majors @ Towson:

University of Maryland, Baltimore County  

UMBC Transfer Students  


Spring 2015
Priority – Nov. 1 - Decision letters for complete applications are mailed beginning in late October.
Regular – Dec. 15 - Decision letters for complete applications are mailed in December and January.

Fall 2015
Priority - March 15 - Decision letters for complete applications are mailed beginning in late March.
Regular - May 31 - Decision letters for complete applications are mailed beginning in early June.


- UMBC’s Transfer Student Alliance (TSA) offers scholarships, guaranteed admission and housing for qualified students. This program is open only to new MC students who have completed 30 credits or LESS at MC. See the TSA Page for details:   FRESHMEN ALERT:  JOIN TSA AFTER YOU HAVE EARNED 12 CREDITS @ MC, AND BEFORE YOU COMPLETE YOUR 30TH CREDIT.

- UMBC has a foreign language requirement for all majors. Check out the specific ways to meet this requirement

- Students who are in  Phi Theta Kappa , the MC Honor Society, may qualify for scholarships at UMBC.

- List of Majors @ UMBC: 

University of Maryland, University College  

Admission is granted on a rolling basis - no specific deadlines. UMUC advisors are willing to meet with current MC students to evaluate transcripts and make recommendations for continued coursework. Try to go for advising during non-peak times (February - late March).


- UMUC has generous transfer scholarships, offered both in Fall and Spring, to community college students who have completed an associate's degree: 

UMUC's  Curriculum Planning Worksheets  will help you develop a comprehensive four-year plan.

Many Montgomery College degrees transfer to UMUC in their entirety through the Alliance Program. Find Alliance Worksheets at this  link.

American University  

Projected deadlines:
- Apply by Oct. 1 to Transfer in Spring 2015
- Apply by March 1 to Transfer in Fall 2015.
 Final deadline July 1 (March 1 is the deadline to be considered for scholarships/financial aid.) Check for deadline updates: 

New!  American University offers Montgomery College students a Guaranteed Admissions Agreement.  See GAA details here:

Howard University  
Transfer Deadline for Spring 2015 - November 1st
For Fall 2015 Transfer, apply by February 15 Admission criteria vary among Howard University's schools and colleges. In general, a transfer student must transfer a minimum of 15 credit hours from a regionally accredited postsecondary institution, have earned a 2.5 cumulative grade point average and received a passing grade of C or better in both a college-level English and college-level math course. Additional credentials such as a high school transcript and SAT scores may be requested for admission.

Tips for Completing Applications: 

1.        Request that an official copy of your MC transcript be sent to the school(s) of interest. There is a $7 fee per MC transcript. MC sends transcripts to Maryland public/state schools electronically. Do NOT hand-carry paper copy of your transcript to Maryland state schools - this will slow up the application process. Transcripts should be sent by the Application Deadline and a second copy should be sent at the end of the semester when in-pregress grades have been posted.

2.        The essay – Be sure to have someone read over your essay. Ask for help at the MC Writing Center, or from a professor or counselor - and be sure to proofread your final draft. If the essay is optional, impress the school by completing it.

3.        You should get an e-mail that acknowledges receipt of your application. If you don't hear anything from a school 4 weeks after submitting the application, contact them to verify that it arrived.  Check websites to see when notifications of decisions will be sent.

4.        If you have any telephone conversations with an admissions office representative about your application, be sure to write down the name of the person who spoke with you.

5.        Recommendations from college instructors  - submit these ONLY IF they are required. Some schools may not request recommendations - they will admit you on the basis of your college record. When requesting recommendations from professors, allow a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the deadline.Provide the professor with a brief resume of your experience and academic goals. If you're going to apply to multiple schools, give the instructor all the forms at once, or warn them that more are coming - most will save the letters in case additional letters are needed.

Beware of Transfer Myths!

"I can earn an Associate's degree and all of my credits will transfer to any Maryland school." 

This myth is based on the fact that completion of an Associate's degree guarantees students admission to a Maryland public school, but not necessarily admission to their first choice of a school. Many schools are experiencing increases in transfer applications and admit Associate's holders on a space-available basis. The dangerous part of this myth is that "all credits will transfer" - not true! Students must choose classes that meet the requirements of a specific major or majors at the school they would like to attend. Work with an MC adviser to find the right courses for your future transfer, and use tools like the MC Transfer Page, and ARTSYS - the Maryland State Transfer Information site, 

"I can apply to the University of Maryland - College Park as an Undecided Major and then try to get into the Business or Engineering major after I get there."

UMCP has very specific rules about the timing of your entrance into their competitive majors, called Limited Enrollment Programs. LEP's at UMCP are: You should examine the LEP Advising pages carefully to time your admission into any LEP. Work with an MC adviser to plan your transfer! These MC Pages have specific info for  Business and  Engineering, see UMCP links below for other LEP Majors:

University of Maryland, College Park Limited Enrollment Programs

Note that for all LEP majors, you are allowed only one repeat of a Gateway course, and a Withdrawal (W) counts as an attempt. Some Gateways have changed in Summer 2014.  Check each page above for details!  

Start Early if You Hope to Get Transfer Scholarships

See the  MC Scholarship Page  to begin aligning the scholarship stars in your favor!

New to Montgomery College and Thinking About Transfer?

This is the right time to start planning!  Here are some important steps for you to consider.  Click on each link for further information:  

Step 1: Seek assistance each semester.  Make appointments to meet with counselors through MyMC – Starfish  

Step 2 Take General Education courses, especially if you are not certain of a major.

Step 3: Choosing courses for specific majors/schools – click this step for resources such as ARTSYS, etc.!

Step 4: Explore majors – tips for choosing majors

Step 5: Search for colleges 

Step 6: Research admission requirements

Step 7: Choosing schools

Step 8: Apply (essays, recommendations, & transcripts)

Step 9: Search for ways to pay

Step 10: Make the transition

The MC Transfer Page is your one-stop information center for transfer planning advice:     01/15/14            

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