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Syracuse University

Minimum Cumulative GPA Required: 3.0Syracuse Logo

Associate's Degree Required: Yes 

 Up to 66 credits accepted.
 - MC graduates will automatically be considered for Syracuse University Dean's Scholarship merit awards. In 2014, the award is $6,000 per year.

Campus Location: Syracuse, NY  


Tuition & Fees for One Academic Year of Full-Time Study: $41,888 

Learning Format: In-Person

Housing Information:

MC Degree and Major

Four-Year Degree and Major

Suggested Transfer Pathway

A.S. in General EngineeringB.S. in Aerospace EngineeringView Pathway
A.S. in General EngineeringB.S. in Electrical EngineeringView Pathway
A.S. in General EngineeringB.S. in Mechanical EngineeringView Pathway

Contact Information

Name: Maria Marceau

Title: Director of Student Records and Study Abroad, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Syracuse University


Phone: (315) 443-5191

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Montgomery County, MD


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