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Transfer Times February 2014

Transfer Times February 2014


Spring 2014 - Transfer Information Day Schedule

Representatives from colleges and universities will be available to meet with students to answer questions about majors, the application process, scholarships and transfer requirements.  ALL students are encouraged to attend - even first semester freshmen can benefit from Transfer Day.

Download Sample Questions to Ask on Transfer Day  

Transfer Information Days at MC, Spring 2014

Campus Date Time
Takoma Park/Silver Spring, Student Services Building Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Rockville, Gym                                   Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Germantown, HT Building Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Contact Information: 

Career/Transfer Center  Takoma Park/Silver Spring, ST/154, 240-567-1479

Career/Transfer Center  Rockville, CB/215, 240-567-5062

Career/Transfer Center  Germantown, SA/172, 240-567-7772

Applying for Transfer Admission - Fall 2014

All students who want to transfer from Montgomery College to another institution next Fall 2014 need to fill out a Transfer Application for Admission (even if you are in a Transfer Partnership Program like TTP, MTAP, TSA, Alliance, etc.).

Apply by the PRIORITY DEADLINE.  All materials (transcripts, AP Scores, SAT scores, high school record if needed) have to be received by the deadline to be considered complete. 

At the time you apply, you need to:

  • Send your college transcript (all colleges attended).  Request your Montgomery College transcript through MyMC – look for the Request a Transcript link.  If you have attended any other colleges, you must send a transcript from each school attended.  Go to each school’s webpage for transcript directions.

  • Send your high school transcript AND official SAT or ACT scores if you have LESS than 30 credits showing as completed on your college transcript.  High school grades and test scores will not weigh much in the decision to admit you but your application is not complete without this information.  Having 30 credits in progress is not the same as having 30 credits completed – your transcript must show final grades from 30 credits worth of classes – if not, then you need to send the hs transcript and SAT scores

  • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:  Send in official copies of your AP Score Reports from the Educational Testing Service - even if your AP credits appear on your MC transcript, you still have to send your AP Score Report directly by the application deadline to have your application considered complete.  Request AP Score Reports here:  Many students with AP credits miss this step and their applications are not considered complete.

  • Complete the essay if required.  Have someone look it over for completeness.  If you have graduated or will graduate from MC this Spring, mention it in the Essay.  Also mention in the essay if you are in a Partnership Program (MTAP, TTP, TSA, etc.)

  • IF they are required, submit recommendations from professors and/or employers who can describe your work habits.  Send a maximum of 2 recommendations.  Check to see if they are required.  Not all schools require recommendations – most base acceptance on your performance in college classes.

  • Pay the application fee.

  • Later – in May - Send a final transcript at the end of this Spring which shows your Spring 2014 grades.


University of
Maryland, College Park    

UMCP Transfer Application Deadlines:

Priority Application Deadline for Fall Admission (Entry for semester beginning in September)

MARCH 1, 2014  Apply by this date for best consideration for admission.
March 1: You’ll receive a decision beginning in mid-April if you complete the application by this date. Due to space limitations, early application is strongly encouraged.  [MC NOTE:  your application is not considered complete unless your transcript(s) and AP Test Scores (if taken) are also received by March 1]
March 1: If you are an international applicant and/or an applicant with any non-U.S. academic records, you must apply by this date.

MTAP Students:  If you are in MTAP, check the box on the Transfer Application AND mention this in your 300-word Essay.  If you have courses in progress in Spring 2014 to finish the 30-credits for MTAP requirements, mention this. 

MC Note:  If you apply AFTER March 1 through June 1, you will not receive notification of admission until late June/early July.  This is also true if your transcripts arrive after the Priority Deadline of March 1, you will not get a decision until early July.

Regular Application Deadline  
June 1: You’ll receive a decision in early July if you complete the application by this date. For best consideration, you are strongly encouraged to apply by the priority deadline of March 1.

LESS THAN 30 CREDITS SHOWING ON YOUR COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT?   An official copy of your high school transcript is needed, as well as official SAT and/or ACT scores, if you have completed fewer than 30 semester or 45 quarter hours. Official copies of your transcripts should be sent directly from your high school. SAT and/or ACT should be sent directly by the Educational Testing Service (SAT code for Maryland is 5814) or the ACT Program (ACT code for Maryland is 1746).

MARYLAND TRANSFER ADVANTAGE PROGRAM (MTAP) guarantees admission for students who have 30 to 60 credits completed at MC with a 3.0 min. GPA, including completion of EN 102/109 and a College-Level math  – excludes competitive majors (LEP Limited Enrollment Programs).  See the MTAP website for application, deadlines and details: You must enroll in MTAP a full semester PRIOR to your last semester at Montgomery College.  The next application deadline for MTAP is June 1st, 2014 for participation in a Transfer Spring 2014 or after.  See the MTAP website for more information.

Find Pre- Transfer Advising through 15- minute Walk In Advising Appointments (Monday & Thursday: 1:30pm – 4:00pm); 30 minute Advising Appointments (AIM, In Person, Telephone); e-mail (; and through scheduled Community College Visits. Phone (301.405.9448 and 301.405.9449.

- UMCP CORE General Education Requirements List  here  - for students who started college PRIOR to Fall 2012.
- UMCP General Education Program Requirements - follow MC's  General Education Program if you graduated from high school in 2012 or after.

UMCP has 14 competitive majors, called Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP), which have additional "Gateway" course requirements and GPA minimums, see the list here:   

On-campus housing (dormitory) opportunities for transfer students are very limited - you may  apply, but also investigate the resources of the  Off Campus Housing Office .  You cannot apply for on-campus housing until you have been admitted and paid the Admissions Deposit fee to UM.

Full List of UMCP Majors:

Towson University 

Towson Transfer Deadline

January 15, 2014:  If you missed this deadline, CALL the Towson Admissions Office to ask whether you may still submit a Transfer Application.  As of this week (Feb. 10, 2014), they are still accepting applications on a space-available basis.  Towson recommends using the Towson Transfer Application Form over the Common Application Form for Fall 2014 applications.

Business majors must have a separate GPA of 2.7 for all Core Business courses - see details here. The Business major is called Management at TU and requires both MA160 Elementary Applied Calculus and BA210 or MA116 Statistics, as well as MG 201 Business Law.

Towson has 21 “Screened Majors.” Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to "screened" majors. Some screened majors require prerequisite courses or a specific GPA, other programs require a portfolio review or audition for admission. See Screened Majors here: 

Full List of Towson Majors: 

University of Maryland, Baltimore County  

UMBC Transfer Application Deadlines
Fall 2014
Priority - March 15 - Decision letters are mailed beginning in late March.
Regular - May 31 - Decision letters are mailed beginning in early June.

UMBC uses the Online Common Application for transfer students.  "School Forms" are OPTIONAL for transfer students – they do NOT have to submit Letters of Recommendation from faculty or other “School Forms”.  See the fine print of Item 6! 

Three Departments  at UMBC have Competitive Admissions Policies:   Engineering, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts.  See each policy below:

ENGINEERING:  GATEWAY CRITERIA --EFFECTIVE FALL 2009: Applicants admitted Fall 2009 and later may designate engineering as their intended major. Each major has specific GATEWAY courses required and Repeat Policies.  See policies here: 
List of Engineering Majors @ UMBC:   Chemical Engineering; Computer Engineering; Computer Science; Mechanical Engineering 

VISUAL ARTS – Portfolio Requirements  - students must submit portfolios by specific dates prior to admission. 

Visual Arts Concentrations are:  Animation/Interactive Media; Art History & Museum Studies; Cinematic Arts; Graphic Design; Intermedia; Photography; Print Media

PERFORMING ARTS – Audition Requirements for Dance, Music, and Theatre Majors 

Guaranteed Admission Program - UMBC’s Transfer Student Alliance (TSA) offers scholarships, guaranteed admission and housing for qualified students.  This program is open only to new MC students who have completed 30 credits or LESS at MC.  See the TSA Page for details:

- UMBC has a foreign language requirement for all majors. Check out the specific ways to meet this requirement

- Students who are in  Phi Theta Kappa , the MC Honor Society, may qualify for scholarships at UMBC.

- UMBC List of Majors: 

University of Maryland, University College  

Admission is granted on a rolling basis - no specific deadlines. UMUC advisors will meet with current MC students to evaluate transcripts and make recommendations for continued coursework. Try to go for advising during non-peak times (February - late March).

UMUC has generous transfer scholarships, offered both in Fall and Spring, to community college students who have completed an associate's degree: 

UMUC's  Curriculum Planning Worksheets  will help you develop a comprehensive four-year plan.

Guaranteed Admission Program Many Montgomery College degrees transfer to UMUC in their entirety through the Alliance Program. Find Alliance Worksheets at this  link.

UMUC List of Majors: 

American University  

Apply by March 1 to Transfer in Fall 2014. Final deadline July 1 (March 1 is the deadline to be considered for scholarships/financial aid.) 

Minimum Admissions Requirements

Students who wish to be considered for transfer admission must be in good academic and social standing at all previously attended schools.  Competitive transfer applicants have a GPA of at least 2.5/4.0 at their current institution. The following AU academic units have specific minimum GPA requirements:

Kogod School of Business: 2.5; School of Communication: 2.5; School of Education: 2.7;         School of International Service: 3.0; School of Public Affairs: 2.5

List of Majors at American University:

Howard University  

Transfer in Fall 2014:  Apply by Feb. 15th ; call to see if Transfer Applications are accepted beyond this deadline: 

E-mail: or  Regional Representatives , Toll Free:     1-800-822-6363 ,Phone:      (202) 806-2763 or (202) 806-2755

YOUR School If you didn't see your transfer school listed, search for the Transfer Admissions section of your school's page for application deadlines and instructions.

Tips for Completing Applications: 

1.        Request your MC Transcript through MyMC.  There is a $7 fee per MC transcript. MC sends transcripts to Maryland public/state schools electronically. Maryland schools prefer this way to receive your transcript - do NOT hand-carry a paper copy of your transcript to Maryland state schools - this will slow down the application process.  Transcripts should be sent BEFORE  the Application Deadline and a second copy should be sent at the end of the Spring semester.

2.       The essay – Be sure to have someone read over your essay. Ask for help at the MC Writing Center, or from a professor or counselor - and be sure to proofread your final draft. If the essay is optional, impress the school by completing it. 

3.       Most schools will not begin to consider transfer applications until March 1. You should, however, get a reply (usually e-mail) that acknowledges receipt of your application. If you don't hear anything from a school 4 weeks after submitting the application, contact them to verify that it arrived.

4.       If you have any telephone conversations with an admissions office representative about your application, be sure to write down the name of the person who spoke with you. 

5.      Recommendations from college instructors - submit these ONLY IF they are required. Some schools may not request recommendations - they will admit you on the basis of your college record.  When requesting recommendations from professors, allow a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the deadline. Provide the professor with a brief resume of your experience and academic goals - this gives the professor the ability to elaborate on your good points and interests. If you're going to apply to multiple schools, give the instructor all the forms at once, or warn them that more are coming - most will save the letters in case additional letters are needed.

Transfer Students:  Common Application (CA4) Directions

What is the Common Application (CA4)?

The Common Application (CA4) is an on-line college admission application that students may submit to over 500 member schools. Go to the website to see which institutions require the Common Application. The new on –line CA4 became active on August 1, 2013.  (Please note that Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari is needed to properly download and submit the CA4). Transfer students must submit the CA4 application electronically. Transfer students will only be able to download and print the following two forms:

  1. “Transfer Registrar Report” – DO NOT FILL OUT AN E-MAIL ADDRESS; INSTEAD, PRINT OUT THE TRANSFER REGISTRAR REPORT and take the form to the Dean of Student Development’s office on your campus
    - Germantown:  Dean Karen Roseberry, SA 120

- Rockville:  Associate Dean (Acting) Debra Bright, CC 016

- Takoma Park Silver Spring:  Dean Clemmie Solomon/ Associate Dean Tonya Mason ST 231

  1. “Transfer Academic Evaluation Form” (for letters of recommendation).   These two forms will be populated with the student’s name once they set-up their CA4 application profile.  Students can also choose to have the Transfer Academic Evaluation Form sent electronically (by e-mail address) to Instructors for the recommendation.

Transfer students need to fill out or provide information for the following Common Application forms:

  • Main application ( Follow all the directions through submission for the “Transfer Application Package”.
  • Transfer Academic Evaluation Form:  This is the Instructor Recommendation – you may designate an instructor by providing an e-mail address OR print the PDF of an evaluation form and give it to your evaluator, preferably with an addressed, stamped envelope or electronically send it to an evaluator.  You may want to share a resume with the evaluator writing the recommendation.  Be sure to ask your instructor before sending their name in by e-mail!
  • Transfer Registrar Report: This form must be downloaded (with the student information populated on it) and brought to the Dean of Student Development’s Office (see Item 1 above). This form “DOES NOT” go to the Registrar or the Admissions Office.  
  • Final Report: This is generally not necessary for a transfer student, as it refers to high school work. However, check the “Supplement Page” of the four year institution to ascertain if they want the student’s high school transcript and standardized test scores.
  • Mid-term Report: Please check with your transfer institution to determine whether they would like to receive a mid-term grade report. If so, print the report of your mid-term grades in late March from MyMC.
  • Essays: Some schools require additional essays, portfolios, and/or an interest statement. Check the “Supplement Page” of the CA4 for each college for additional information the student has to provide.


Even if you didn't qualified for financial aid at Montgomery College, if you're transferring to a four-year institution this coming year (Fall 2014 or Spring 2015), you should file a FAFSA between Jan. 1 and March 1 to see whether you may receive aid at your next school.   When you submit a FAFSA, you will immediately see an "EFC" number - the Estimated Family Contribution.  Your EFC appears like this: 12345 (or some other number).  Put in a $ and comma to see what the actual dollar figure is:  $12,345.  This is the amount that you and your family are expected to pay for your education for one year. 

All schools use a "Cost of Attendance" to show what figure they use to calculate aid.  For example, search for the "Cost of Attendance" phrase at Howard University's website. 

Howard University Tuition $19,150.00
Mandatory Fee $1,021.00
Books & Supplies $2,509.00
Meals/Board $3,740.00
Room $11,601.00
Incidentals $1,216.00
Local Transportation $2,246.00
TOTAL $41,483.00

The "Cost of Attendance" for one year at Howard is shown as $41,430, even though the tuition is $19,150.  A university's financial aid office will use all the factors shown below to calculate how much it will cost to attend for one year:  tuition, fees, books & supplies, meals, housing, transportation, and personal expenses.    Once you see the "Cost of Attendance" figure, you can subtract your EFC from the COA to get an idea of what the institution will use to calculate whether you get a combination of grants and loans.

Howard University COA = $41,483  minus  EFC=  12,345  =  $29,138  is your financial need for one year.

Here are some other sample COA's

Research more about Financial Aid options here:

Search the  MC Transfer Scholarship page for opportunities.


Get assistance with filling out your FAFSA - see this flyer to find out when free workshops will be held on your campus:


UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND Transfer Academic Excellence Scholarship (TAES)  2014

The University of Maryland Transfer Academic Excellence Scholarship

2014 Announcement

The University of Maryland, College Park will award Transfer Academic Excellence Scholarships to 30 outstanding transfer students. This highly competitive scholarship offers full tuition for four consecutive semesters.

Recipients will be chosen on the basis of their overall academic achievement, demonstrated potential for community leadership, written essay quality, recommendations, and, if selected as a finalist, a required personal interview. The scholarship committee will review applications and select finalists for interviews. Those selected to receive the scholarship are expected to enroll at the University of Maryland as full-time students (12 credits per semester).

Students who enroll part-time are not eligible. Students applying for the Transfer Academic Excellence Scholarship must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of the state of Maryland at the time the scholarship application is submitted, for tuition purposes (U. S. Citizen or Permanent Resident). Please review residency requirements and contact the Residency Classification Office if you have any questions ( ).
  • Have an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale for all college work, including work from institutions other than Maryland community colleges.
  • Must have completed (or be in the process of completing) 56 credits or earned an associate’s degree from a Maryland community college. The criteria must be met prior to the first semester of enrollment at the University of Maryland. Transcripts for students completing their 56th credit must reflect that courses are in progress.
  • Be a new applicant for Fall 2014 or currently enrolled in the Spring 2014 semester (no previous attendance at the University of Maryland). Students must submit a transfer application for the term in which they want to enroll, prior to submitting the scholarship application.
  • Must demonstrate English language proficiency. A full-file review will be conducted to determine English language proficiency.

Students who meet the above criteria must submit all required materials and an online transfer application by the March 1, 2014 deadline. All scholarship materials are required to be submitted in one large package, the application deadline is March 1st.  If the criteria are not met or all application materials are not submitted in one envelope, the applicant will be ineligible to move forward in the scholarship review process. Therefore, please read the instructions on the scholarship application carefully. Access the application online at


Ask the Transfer Counselor - MTAP

Question:  I'm in MTAP - the Maryland Transfer Advantage Program - am I guaranteed admission to UM for Fall 2014 if I still have courses in progress this Spring 2014 when I apply?  Here are my specific details:  I enrolled in MTAP on Nov. 15 and I earned 16 credits in Fall 2013, and I am earning 15 more credits for Spring 2014, including EN 102 and MA 110 (college-level English and Math).  I will apply by March 1.  My transcript on March 1 will indicate courses are in progress - am I guaranteed under MTAP upon final review of the transcript once the semester is completed at the end of May?  This assumes I will meet all MTAP qualifications with my end of May 2014 transcript – 30 credits, college-level ENGL and MATH, and a 3.0 overall GPA.

Answer:  Applications from MTAP students who apply by the March 1 Priority Deadline with courses in progress will be reviewed for admission in June 2014 after the student sends a final MC transcript at the end of the Spring 2014 semester showing that completion of ALL of the MTAP qualifications.   These students are given best consideration for admission at that time.  Additional questions should be addressed to the MTAP Program at UMCP.

  •  The minimum participation in MTAP is one semester before transfer.  
  • If you plan to enroll at the University of Maryland, College Park in the fall semester and want to participate in MTAP the semester prior to transferring, you must meet the MTAP application deadline of Nov. 15. If you plan to enroll at Maryland in the spring and take advantage of MTAP, you must meet the MTAP deadline of June 1.

The Maryland Transfer Advantage Program has two major benefits:

  • Guaranteed Admission to UMCP after completion of 30 to 60 credits and/or
  • The ability to take one class at UM while a full-time student at Montgomery College

The MTAP Guarantee of Admission to UM:   

For completion of the Maryland Transfer Advantage Program you must:

• Submit the transfer application by the priority deadline, March 1 or August 1. On the transfer application, please indicate your participation in MTAP in question 16. Continue to complete and finish your program at the community college (associate’s degree or transfer certificate with 30 credits), including five general education courses. Two courses must be freshman English (EN 102 or EN 109) and a college-level math course (MA 110 or higher, depends on major);
• Achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 from all previously attended institutions in order to receive the admission benefits of the MTAP program.

About Limited Enrollment Programs - MTAP does not guarantee admission to Limited Enrollment Programs which have additional competitive requirements:  www.lep.umd.eduArchitecture;  Business; Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemistry,  Environmental Sciences and Policy-Biodiversity & Conservation;  Communication; Criminology & Criminal Justice; Engineering;  Government & Politics; Journalism; Landscape Architecture; Psychology  However, because LEP decisions are made after a student has applied, ALL MC STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY FOR MTAP, regardless of major (LEP or not).

To Take a Course at UM While Enrolled at Montgomery College – this is an OPTIONAL benefit of MTAP; taking a course at UMCP is not a requirement to participate in MTAP

1) Apply for MTAP;   2)  Then earn 15 or more credits at Montgomery College;   3) Consider taking a class at UM if you need classes for a major which are not offered at MC;   4) You do NOT have to take a class at UM to be a part of the MTAP Program 

MTAP's Next Enrollment Period is April 1 through June 1, 2014 - you must apply on-line through the MTAP Site, using the on-line form available in April.  Paper forms are no longer being accepted at MC Admissions Offices.  Check the MTAP Website directly for the online form in April. 

Disclaimer:  This page is intended to summarize MTAP information only and is subject to change;  find Official MTAP Information here:  

Transfer Application Deadlines are more important than ever… 

Even if a school like UMCP indicates that applications will be accepted after March 1 until June 1 on a space-available basis, your chance of being accepted is lower after the recommended/priority deadline because many schools simply run out of space for transfer students.  If you believe that your GPA may prevent you from being accepted by the Priority Deadline, you may ask the school to reconsider your application in late May based on your Spring Grades.


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