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University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix


Minimum Cumulative GPA Required: 2.0

Associate's Degree Required: No

 - 10 percent tuition reduction for students who earn an associate's degree from MC.
 - 100 percent Prior Learning Assessment reduction to new students who enter into a Bachelor Level Program or higher, including certificate programs for students who earn an associate's degree from MC.


Learning Format: Online

Tuition & Fees

To help you continue your education in the most efficient manner possible, we have developed corporate articulation 
agreements. Students learn college credits toward degree programs for their in-house training they earned at a corporation.
For more information about specific corporate articulation agreements, click in the list below. This will enable you to
determine if University of Phoenix has an established articulation agreement with the corporation where you received your
in-house training.
Coursework received through in-house training will be reviewed for college-level credit toward degree
programs at University of Phoenix. A corporate agreement also gives a student the opportunity to earn college credits
through prior learning assessment.

Credit Recommendation Guide:



Contact Information

Name: Angela Simmons

Title: University Representative


Phone: (202) 262-5987

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