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Excelsior College

Excelsior College

Agreement Information

Minimum Cumulative GPA Required: 2.0

Associate's Degree Required: Yes for students, no for employees

 - 20% tuition discount on bachelor's degrees.
 - 15% tuition discount on master's degrees.
 - Enrollment and Students Services fee waived. Discount on graduation fee.
 - Tuition discounts on Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate programs.
 - Up to 105 credits accepted. 


Tuition & Fees for One Academic Year of Full-Time Study: See Excelsior's website

Learning Format: Online

MC Degree and Major

Four-Year Degree and Major

Suggested Transfer Pathway

A.A.S. in Criminal Justice  B.S. in Criminal Justice  View Pathway 
A.S. in Electrical Engineering B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology  View Pathway
A.A. in Business  B.S. in General Business  View Pathway
A.A.S. in Mental Health Associate  B.S. in Health Sciences  View Pathway 
A.A. in Computer Science  B.S. in Information Technology  View Pathway
A.A.S. in CybersecurityB.S. in Information TechnologyView Pathway
A.A. in General Studies  B.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences  View Pathway 
A.S. in Nuclear Engineering  B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Technology  View Pathway 
A.S. in Nursing 

B.S. in Nursing

View Pathway 
A.A. in Information Systems  B.T.S. in Technology Management,
focus on Information Technology
View Pathway 

Contact Information

Name: Kailey Soundara

Title: Academic Partnership Development Specialist


Phone: (202) 601-1200 ext. 1215

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Montgomery County, MD


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