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Transfer Times April 2013

In this Issue:

Transfer Destinations List
Choosing General Education Courses for Transfer
Is it Too Late to Apply for a Fall Transfer?
U. of Maryland College Park News
Terp Transfer Partnership
College Search Programs 

Universities at Shady Grove News 
Guaranteed Admissions Programs
Transfer Equivalency Lists
Transfer Scholarship Options!
Transfer Advising for Veterans
New Local Engineering/Electrical
Engineering Degrees - Frostburg

With the opening of Montgomery College's Summer & Fall Registration (opens April 22!), here are some Springtime transfer updates and reminders:

There’s a new Transfer Destinations List 2012 available – once again, guess which school attracts most MC students!   But beyond the halls of College Park, prepare to be amazed at everywhere else students apply.

Also new – the Gen Ed List with Transfer Advising Notes for 2013-14.

You can find this list always on the MC Transfer Page under General Education Requirements:  There wording about the Maryland transfer policy is clearer – take a look at the first paragraph on Page 1 please!   

Is it too  late to apply for a Fall Transfer? 

It depends...  students who still want to apply to transfer in Fall 2013 should CALL the Admissions Office of each school of interest to ask whether transfer applications are still being accepted.  Some schools continue to accept applications until transfer spots are filled.  Encourage students to call, and to write down the name of the person that they speak with!


  1. Students who missed applying to UMCP for Fall 2013 by the March 1 Priority Deadline may still apply; however, any application sent after March 1 will not be evaluated until the end of June. Students who applied by March 1, 2013 should be hearing admissions any day now in April.   Delayed decisions may be caused by transcripts arriving later (if the student didn’t request it before March 1, this might have occurred). 

  2. MTAP – the Maryland Transfer Advantage Program – now, more than ever, ALL students new to MC should be encouraged to enroll in MTAP if they want to keep UMCP open as a possible transfer school later down the line.  MTAP no longer accepts paper applications – their new Online MTAP Application will be available in Mid-April on their website: 

    The MTAP guarantee of admission is only for students who apply by the Priority Transfer Deadlines (March 1 for Fall, August 1 for Spring).  Even students hoping for Limited Enrollment Programs ( ) (competitive majors) should still apply to MTAP to take advantage of the ability to take a class at UM (3 max) and receive special advising messages.  Bottom line:  enroll in MTAP regardless of your transfer plans, just to keep the door open to UMCP later.  June 1 is the next MTAP deadline.

  3. ARTSYS & UMCP PAGES:  The important question when looking up UMCP on ARTSYS isWhen did you start @ MC?” Students who started Fall 2012 and after follow the new 2012 pages, those who were here before 2012 follow the pages with the prior date.  IN ALL CASES, students can take MC General Education courses according to OUR program and they will meet UMCP’s new Gen Ed requirements without a course-by-course match – so no need to click on “Scholarship in Practice AREA” lines to see MC equivalents. 
    Instead, print out the RTP and look at a copy of the MC General Education Program List.

  4. Terp Transfer Partnership – TTP – for UMCP Programs at Shady Grove – Business (new to TTP!), Biological Sciences, Criminology & Criminal Justice, and Communication.  TTP, like MTAP, offers guaranteed admission to programs at Shady Grove – each one has specific GPA requirements.  You can now refer students directly to the TTP Representative, Justin Edgar,   Justin can answer questions about most programs at Shady Grove, and he is on-campus at MC, Tuesdays @ Germantown and several days at Rockville each week.

Universities at Shady Grove News

  • Did you know – USG offers over 20 full tuition scholarships and more than 30 other awards IN ADDITION to institution-specific scholarships?  Students fill out one application, due June 28th, to be considered for USG general awards: 

  • Most USG programs continue to accept students on a rolling basis until seats are filled, including the Smith School of Business and most other majors.

  • New major at Shady Grove:  Exercise Science Bachelor of Science, offered by Salisbury University, opens Fall 2013.  Students should contact MC Health Professor for more information.


Guaranteed Transfer Agreements 

Off the top of your head, can you name at least 5 schools that will guarantee admission to MC students?  No need to memorize the list!  Find it on the MC Transfer Page under “Guaranteed Admissions Programs”!  Some offer $$$ - see the list for details.   Take a look at the newest school to offer guaranteed admission, American University. 

NewTransfer Equivalency Lists”   Visit this page on the MC Transfer Page to see that many schools now maintain a database of transfer equivalencies – especially useful for out-of-state school. 

New Electrical Engineering Major Available Locally from Frostburg

Students interested in the engineering science bachelor degree program offered by Frostburg State University at Arundel Mills Higher Education Center are invited to attend an information session on Tuesday, April 9. 


  • Attention all A.S. Transfer Students!!!
  • Come learn about the program, take a tour of our STEM labs, learn about the Bachelor of Science from FROSTBURG State University in Engineering, Electrical Concentration
  • April 9th, 2013 from 4 – 7 p.m.
  • Frostburg State University at AMIL
  • 7009 Arundel Mills Circle, Hanover, MD 21076
  • Registration fees will be waived that evening.
  • For more information contact: Denise Traynor, 410-777-1363.

See additional information on the Montgomery College Engineering Advising web site:  B.S. Degree Program, Electrical Concentration at Arundel Mills.

Also NEWTransfer Advising for Veterans.

Keep up with the news on $$$ by looking at the MC Transfer Scholarship Blog:   Link is available on the MC Transfer Page.

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