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Transfer Times April 2012

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Transfer Planning - It's Time!
Calculating the Cost of a School
Transfer Planning Tools

Transfer Planning Calendar

April 3  Summer Registration Opens @ MC
April 23  Fall Regstration Opens @ MC
May 1  Deadline to Confirm Attendance at Some Transfer Schools 


Transfer Planning – It’s Never Too Soon, or Too Late!

With registration for Summer and Fall classes at MC opening for Summer and Fall at Montgomery College, this is the right time to plan for your remaining courses at MC prior to transfer.  Refer to the MC Transfer Page for important advising links, including Advising by Major, ARTSYS, and Transfer Planning – Step by Step. 


Is It Too Late to Apply for a Fall 2012 Transfer? 

Although many schools had a transfer application deadline of March 1 for Fall 2012, there are schools still accepting students on a rolling, space-available basis.  Here are some sample schools:

   > Many Programs - Universities at Shady Grove
   > University of Maryland, University College 
   > University of Baltimore

The best way to find out whether transfer applications are still being accepted is to call each school's Admissions Office directly and ask whether transfer applications are still being accepted for Fall 2012.

Transfer Planning Tools

Choosing the right classes can save you time and money.  Use these links to help you develop your plan:

Advising Worksheets for MC Associates Degrees
ARTSYS - Find "Recommended Transfer Pages" for majors at most Maryland schools
Advising by Major (Business, Nursing, etc.) includes UM Smith Business School Advising Page 4-17-12 
Free College Search websites: 
Peterson's College Search 
Financial Aid Planning (if you haven't applied yet, submit your FAFSA soon!) 
More links here!  Transfer Planning Step-by-Step 

Universities at Shady Grove

Can you name the 33+ majors offered by 9 different universities right here in Montgomery County?  Here they are - and many programs are still accepting applications for Fall.  Contact each program directly to inquire about Fall seats.

Biological Sciences
University of Maryland, College Park
B.S. in Biological Sciences
University of Maryland University College
B.T.P.S. in Biotechnology
University of Maryland, College Park
B.S. in Accounting B.S. in General Business
B.S. in General Business w/ Specialization in Entrepreneurship 
B.S. in International Business B.S. in Marketing
University of Maryland University College
B.S. in Accounting
B.S. in Business Administration
(Daytime & Evening)
B.S. in Human Resource Management
University of Maryland, College Park
B.A. in Communication
University of Maryland University College
B.A. in Communication Studies
Computer and Information Sciences
University of Maryland University College
B.S. in Computer and Information Science
B.S. in Computer Networks and Security
B.S. in Digital Media and Web Technology
B.S. in Cybersecurity
B.S. in Information Systems Management
(Daytime & Evening)
Construction Management Technology
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
B.S. in Construction Management Technology
Criminology and Criminal Justice
University of Maryland, College Park
B.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Towson University
B.S. in Early Childhood Education
B.S. in Elementary Education /
Special Education (EESE- Dual Certification)
Health Systems Management
University of Baltimore
B.S. in Health Systems Management
(Weekend Format)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County 
Management of Aging Services (B.A.)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
History (B.A.)
Homeland Security Management 
University of Maryland University College
B.S. in Cybersecurity
B.S. in Emergency Management
B.S. in Homeland Security
Hotel and Restaurant Management
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management
Investigative Forensics 
University of Maryland University College
B.S. in Investigative Forensics
Laboratory Management
University of Maryland University College
B.T.P.S. in Laboratory Management
University of Maryland, Baltimore
B.S. in Nursing
Management of Aging Services
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Management of Aging Services (B.A.)
Political Science
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Political Science (B.A.)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Psychology (B.A.)
Public Health Science
University of Maryland, College Park
B.S. in Public Health Science
Respiratory Therapy
Salisbury University
B.S. in Respiratory Therapy
Simulation & Digital Entertainment
University of Baltimore
B.S. in Simulation & Digital Entertainment
Social Work
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Social Work (B.A.) 

Calculating the Cost - "Cost of Attendance"

Colleges and universities across the nation have agreed to use the phrase "Cost of Attendance" on their web pages to give a clear summary of the total cost of attending the school for a full year.  Financial Aid packages (loans, grants, and work-study) are based on this total amount.  Type in "Cost of Attendance" on each school's home page to see the bottom line to attend.

 Guaranteed Admissions Programs - Meet Enrollment Deadlines!

University of Maryland, College Park - Maryland Transfer Advantage Program (MTAP) guarantees students admission to non LEP majors (see below) after completion of 30 or more credits, including college-level English (102/109) and college-level math (MA 110 or higher).  You must apply prior to the semester that you complete a transfer application - so if you plan to transfer in Spring 2013, you have until June 1 to submit an MTAP Application.  You may also take a class at UM while enrolled at MC - but this is not a requirement to be in the program. 

UMBC - Transfer Student Alliance TSA guarantees admissions, housing, and a scholarship to all students who earn an AA or AS degree and who have a 3.5 overall GPA.  You must apply for TSA in your first year at MC, before completing more than 30 credits.  TSA allows you to take a class at UMBC while at MC, not a requirement but an additional benefit.  

UMUC Alliance Program guarantees admission and the full acceptance of specific AA, AS, AAS and BTPS degrees from Montgomery College, as well as providing scholarships for qualified students, and dual enrollment.

Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP's) = Competitive Majors
at the University of Maryland College Park

All students may apply for Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP). Limited Enrollment Programs are competitive majors at the University of Maryland that control enrollment numbers to maintain program quality. Once a student has earned 45 credits, he/she must have successfully completed a specific set of courses called "gateway" requirements. See the individual links below for specific requirements.

The following guidelines pertain to all Limited Enrollment Programs:

  • Only one 'gateway' or performance review course may be repeated to earn the required grade and that course may only be repeated once.
  • Students may apply only once to an LEP. Students who were directly admitted and fail to meet the performance review criteria will be dismissed from the major and may not reapply.
  • Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 after admission to an LEP. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the major. Some programs require a higher grade point average at the 45-credit review process. These conditions are due to external accreditation requirements.

Direct Admits: Direct Admits are students admitted to an LEP as first-time freshmen. In order to continue in the major, students must successfully complete a 45-credit review. If a student is not directly admitted to an LEP, he/she will be assigned to Letters and Sciences. Students in Letters and Sciences wishing to major in an LEP will apply as internal transfer students.

Internal or External Transfer Admits: Internal transfers are students already at the University of Maryland who would like to change majors to an LEP. External transfers are students applying to the University of Maryland who would like to major in an LEP. The admissions requirements for Internal and External Transfers are the same.

External transfer students from other institutions apply to LEP's through the general application for admission to the University by indicating the major(s) of interest. With the single application for transfer admission, students are first admitted to the University and then to Limited Enrollment Program majors based on LEP standards.

Requesting a Montgomery College Transcript

In general, you'll need two copies of your transcript sent for each college application:  

  • one to be sent along with the application form, and
  • a second one sent at the end of the semester showing your final grades.  

There's a $7.00 charge per MC transcript sent.  Here's a link with directions on how to request each transcript: 

Help Line

Question:  I plan to move to North Carolina and establish residency so I can attend UNC-Charlotte and pay in-state tuition.  How long will I need to live there to become a resident?

Most states have a 12-month residency requirement.  This involves renting/purchasing 12-month housing, living in that housing for 12 uninterrupted months, moving your bank account to the state, working and paying state income tax, and registering to vote in the state.  If your parents claim you as a dependent and they do not live in the same state, you are unlikely to qualify as a state resident (unless you, or your parents, are in the military).  After a 12 month period, you will be asked to provide documentation to support your residence.  From the UNC Residency Manual:  Generally speaking, a student cannot be approved as a resident for tuition purposes if that student is financially dependent upon his or her parents or legal guardian(s) who are not legal residents of North Carolina. Parent-financed, parent-guaranteed, or co-signed loans are considered indicators of financial dependence by the student on the parents.

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