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Transfer Times January 2012

In this Issue:

Transfer Planning Calendar 

Application Forms
Letters of Recommendation 
Codes You Need to Know
Requesting an MC Transcript 
The Help Line:  Your Transfer Questions
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  • February 1st  – March 1:  Priority transfer application deadlines for many schools if you plan to transfer in Fall 2012.  Start applications sooner for maximum transfer consideration – see each school’s Transfer Admissions page.  Submit applications early, BEFORE the actual deadline!
  • January 1st to March 1:  FAFSA Filing deadline for Maryland State money and scholarship programs at most transfer schools
  • February 27 - 29  Transfer Information Days, One at each MC Campus (see below)

Spring 2012 - Montgomery College's Transfer Information Days Schedule

Representatives from 40+ colleges and universities will be available to meet with students to answer questions about majors, the application process, scholarships and transfer requirements. ALL students are encouraged to attend - even first semester freshmen can benefit from Transfer Day.

Download Sample Questions to Ask on Transfer Day





Takoma Park/Silver Spring

Monday, February 27, 2012

10am -1pm

Atrium of Student Services Building


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

9am -1pm

PE Physical Education Building


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

10am -1pm

High Tech (HT) Building



Maximize your chance of transfer admission by applying BEFORE published deadlines.   Check with each school you are considering for specific deadlines.  EARLIER is always better. 


Transfer Application Deadline for Fall 2012 Admission


UMCP List of Majors

March 1, 2012 - Transfer Application Priority Deadline; applications accepted on a space-available basis until June 1.
Did you know?  The preferred transfer admission overall GPA is a 3.0; higher for competitive majors (called Limited Enrollment Programs including Business, Education, Engineering, and more - click for entire list)


TU List of Majors

February 15, 2012
Did you know?  CORRECTION:  Business Majors @ Towson:  Students new to MC in Fall 2011 and thereafter must take both MA 160 Elementary Applied Calculus and BA 210 Statistics for Business Administration for any Business Major.


GW List of Majors

April 1, 2012
Did you know?  Unusual majors at GW include Sonography and
Interior Design.


February 1, 2012 – Transfer application deadline for Fall 2012
Did you know?  Most popular majors at St. Mary’s are biology, psychology, English, and economics.


Application Deadlines

  • Most institutions have different deadlines for freshman and transfer students. While some transfer application deadlines range from February 1 to June 1st, you MUST apply earlier to meet housing, scholarship, and financial aid deadlines.
  • The number of spaces at Maryland state schools for transfer students is decreasing as more students elect to stay in-state.  Apply in advance of published deadlines for maximum consideration – in general, February for Fall, August to October for Spring.  If you miss the preferred deadline for transfer admission (if was listed as March 1, and you're applying in April), call the Admissions Office of the school to ask whether they're still accepting applications from transfer students. 

Writing Essays 

While it's true that colleges are more concerned about the content of a transfer student's transcript than they are about the application essay, take this task seriously.  Don't dash it an essay without having someone else review your work. 

College Essay Writing Tips from the College Board
  • Some schools don't require application essays for transfer students.  Your transcript of college grades tells the school who you are.  If an essay is not required, but you have an unusual circumstance, write a letter or statement and include it somewhere with your application.  If you had one difficult semester in your freshman year, but the rest of your grades are much better - briefly, without agonizing details, point that out.  You DON'T have to be too specific - "personal problems" is much better than "my girlfriend wrecked my car and I couldn't get to class", etc.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Be aware that NOT ALL colleges ask for Letters of Recommendation.  The University of Maryland, College Park, UMBC, Towson, Salisbury - none of these schools request letters of recommendation for transfer applications.  Read each application carefully.  Unless you're applying for a competitive scholarship or major where the school specifically says that you need a recommendation, don't ask professors for letters if they're not required.  Your grades at MC are convincing enough for schools to make their decision to admit.  If you are a borderline student based on the typical required GPA), or if you have had some serious ups and downs in your academic history, or if the school initially denies your admission, then consider supplementing your application with a recommendation from an instructor who knows you well. 

    For schools or scholarship programs requiring recommendations, some will include blank recommendation forms - others instruct students to ask for a letter of recommendation.  Choose current or recent teachers who know you well enough to say positive things about you.  Help them by providing a list of your current activities and interests.  Use this printable questionnaire to provide background information to faculty members to make letter-writing more effective. This Word Document also includes a generic recommendation form.
 MC Generic Recommendation Form and Activites Summary Page Remember to give recommendation writers at least two weeks to complete your form.  If you know that you'll need more than one letter from a professor or counselor, let them know in advance that you'll be coming back for more.

APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID and SCHOLARSHIPS by each school’s stated deadline or March 1!  

  • This means filing your FAFSA by March 1 - if taxes for 2011 have not been completed, use an estimate so that you don't miss this crucial deadline.  All Maryland state aid programs require the March 1 deadline.  FAFSA forms for 2011 are available now, 

Montgomery College Codes: 

MONTGOMERY COLLEGE GERMANTOWN - 5393                 MC Title IV Code for all campuses (FAFSA):

MONTGOMERY COLLEGE ROCKVILLE - 5440                                                             006911

Requesting a Montgomery College Transcript

In general, you'll need two copies of your transcript sent for each college application:  

  • one to be sent along with the application form, and
  • a second one sent at the end of the semester showing your final grades.  

There's a $7.50 charge per MC transcript sent.  Here's a link with directions on how to request each transcript: 

Did you know?  Your transfer application isn't considered complete if your transcript doesn't arrive by the deadline.  Because MC sends transcripts electronically to most Maryland public schools, your transcript can be sent separately from your application form.  If your transcript arrives early, schools usually hold them, waiting for the rest of the application to arrive.  Go ahead and have your transcript sent if you're nearing a deadline and your application isn't quite done.

Some students feel that they must hand-carry their transcript or include a paper copy with their application.  Unless a school specifically asks you to do this, it's ALWAYS better to let MC send it for you.  MC will send your transcripts to all Maryland schools electronically - UMCP in particular MUCH prefers this.  The electronic transcript loads right into your application file. 


  1. What if you don't have 30 credits finished, but you want to transfer after one year at Montgomery College?  
    You can apply when you have 12 or more transferable credits completed on  your transcript.  If you don't have 30 credits completed, colleges will  ask for other information - high school record &, SAT scores, in addition to your college transcript.  If you've completed one semester (for example, a Fall semester), then most schools will wait to admit you after they see your final Spring grades.  Your high school record and SAT scores, if they weren't wonderful, will not weigh nearly as much as your grades from college courses, so if you weren't admissible right out of high school but you've done well at MC (a 3.0 GPA or better), your chance of admission increases. 

  2. I'm applying to UMCP, but I'm not in MTAP (the Maryland Transfer Advantage Program, .  Do I have a chance of admission?   The MTAP program is designed for students who still have a full semester or more to complete at MC prior to the semester in which they will apply for transfer.  (Current students may still enroll in MTAP if they plan to transfer in Spring 2013 or after).
    MTAP will guarantee you for admission to UMCP if you meet their qualifications, which (in brief) are:  30 transferable credits completed, an overall GPA of 3.0, and college-level English and math completed (EN 102/109 and MA 110 or higher).  Note that MTAP does not guarantee admission competitive majors, called Limited Enrollment Program (LEP's), all of which have further requirements.  See the Limited Enrollmant Programs Majors list here:    Even if you aren't in MTAP, you still have a good chance of admission if you meet UMCP's minimum requirements for non-LEP majors (the same as MTAP qualifications):  30 transferable credits completed, an overall GPA of 3.0, completion of EN 102/109 AND MA 110 or higher).  The bottom line is that a 3.0 overall GPA for ALL courses taken at MC is a must, and a higher GPA is required for some LEP majors:  Business, Education, Engineering, and Journalism are a few examples.  See the LEP notes for details.  
     UMCP offers Pre- Transfer Advising through 15- minute Walk In Advising Appointments (Monday & Thursday: 1:30pm – 4:00pm); 30 minute Advising Appointments (AIM, In Person, Telephone); e-mail (; and through scheduled Community College Visits. Phone (301.405.9448 and 301.405.9449.

  3. How does earning an AA degree from Montgomery College help students transfer?
    If you're applying to a Maryland public college or university, completion of an AA degree OR completion of 56 credits toward an AA degree will guarantee that you will not be denied admission to a Maryland public institution, as long as you have a 2.0 GPA or higher, and as long as the institution has space available for you.   Getting an AA does not guarantee admission to competitive majors at different schools, or to schools that have filled up transfer spaces with qualified students with higher GPA's.  See the Maryland Higher Education Commission's Guide to Transfer for more information.  Completing an Associate's degree may help you qualify for transfer scholarships and marks the completion of the first two years of college - important for resumes. 

  4. I went away to a four-year school right out of high school.   Will those grades be used for transfer admission if I do well at MC?  Maryland state schools (and most other schools) will calculate a combined overall grade point average from all schools attended when deciding on your transfer admission, even if the courses you took at the first school do not apply to your major.  At Maryland state schools, if you earn an Associate's degree (AA, AS or AAT), then the guarantee that you will be accepted described in #3 above applies. 

The Universities at Shady Grove

Concerned about commuting costs? Consider one of the 38 bachelor's degree programs offered by 8 universities located at the Universities at Shady Grove!   Convenient location in Rockville + small classes + personal attention + day, evening, online and weekend options + state-of-the-art facilities + numerous scholarships = it all adds up to a great option for degree completion!

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