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Degree Plans by Major

Gainful Employment Information

This page contains degree plans for every program of study available to you at Montgomery College. Some lead to an associate's degree; others culminate in a certificate or letter of recognition.

Many of our students plan to continue working toward a bachelor's degree after completing their studies here. If you're planning to pursue this option, it's important to understand that transfer options are routinely available, even if there is no listing here for an associate's degree in your specific subject of interest.

If your program of study does not offer an associate's degree and you are planning to transfer, simply choose your courses with the help of an adviser in one of our general A.A. degree categories - Liberal Arts and General Studies.

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. L. M. N. P. R. S. T. W 

Title Type(s) of Program Program of Study Code
Accounting AAS, C 301,167
Advanced Interior Design C 224
Advanced Network Security Certificate  C 252
Advanced Personal Trainer  C 191B
Aerospace Engineering  AS 408
Aging Studies 
American Sign Language AA,  C 608, 220
Applied Geography AAS, C (2) 344,184,183
Architectural Technology  (see also Construction Management)
AAS, C, L 302, 203,142
Art (see also Studio Art) AA , AFA   (2)
Art  AA 003
Art History  AA 059
Automotive Electrical Systems Specialist  C 162
Automotive Technology AAS, C (4)  
Automotive Technology  AAS 307
Title Type(s) of Program Program of Study Code
Bioengineering  AS 411A
Biomanufacturing Certificate C 246
Biotechnology AAS, C (2) 334, 219, 246
Broadcast Journalism C 207
Building Trades Technology AAS, C (4), L (4)  
Building Trades Technology  AAS 308*
Business AA 006
CAD for the Building Professional  C 203
Carpentry C, L 179A, 810A
Cartography and Geographic Information Systems  C 184
Chemical Engineering  AS 406
Chemistry and Biochemistry  AS 412D
Cisco Certified Network Associate + Security Preparation Certificate  C 253
Civil Engineering  AS 407
Communication and Broadcasting Technology AAS, C (4)
Communication Studies  AA 609
Computer Applications  AAS, C (2) 311*, 238, 213
Computer Applications  AAS 311*
Computer Gaming and Simulation   AA 606*
Computer Engineering  AS 409
Computer Graphics: Art and Animation  C 175
Computer Programming  C 108
Computer Publishing and Printing Management  LOR (2)
Computer Science  AA 107
Computer Science and Technologies  AA , C 107,109,108
Construction Management    (see also Architectural Technology)
303, 142
Criminal Justice  AAS 314
Cybersecurity AAS,  C (2) 356A, 252,253
Title Type(s) of Program Program of Study Code
Dance  AA 128
Database Systems  C 238
Design Industry Partnership  C 225
Digital Media and Web Technology A.A.S.     AAS  C (4) 357
Diagnostic Medical Sonography  AAS  †
Digital Multimedia Production C 214
AAS, AAT (7), C, L  
Education - A.A.T. in Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education  AAT 604
Education - A.A.T. in Elementary Education/Elementary Special Education AAT 601A
Education -  Secondary Education - Chemistry  AAT 610
Education - Secondary Education - English  AAT 607
Education - Secondary Education - Mathematics  A.A.T. 605
Education - Secondary Education - Physics   A.A.T. 603
Education - Secondary Education - Spanish   A.A.T. 602
Education - Early Childhood Education  C 177
Education - Early Childhood Education Technology A.A.S.  AAS 315
Education - Early Childhood Leadership and Management  L 819
Electrical Engineering  AS 402
Electrical Wiring C, L 245, 807A
Electronic Publishing Letter of Recognition  LOR
Electronic Photography  C 193
Emergency Medical Technician - Basic L 811
Emergency Preparedness Management   AS, C 414, 249
Engine Performance Specialist  C 160A
Engineering, Aerospace  AS 408
Engineering, Bioengineering  AS 411A
Engineering, Chemical  AS 406
Engineering, Civil  AS 407
Engineering, Computer  AS 409
Engineering, Electrical AS 402
Engineering, Fire Protection AS 403
Engineering, General AS 410
Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering AS 413
Engineering, Mechanical AS 404
Engineering, Nuclear AS 405
Engineering Science AS (11)  
Environmental Science and Policy AS 412E
Ethnic Social Studies  C, L 241, 816
Title Type(s) of Program Program of Study Code
Fire and Arson Investigation  C 180
Fire Protection Engineering  AS 403
Fire and Emergency Services Management  AAS, (3)  C(4)  
Fire and Emergency Services Management  AAS 346 A
Fire and Emergency Services Management  C 240
Fire Prevention Technology  AAS, C 321, 247
Fire Protection Technology  AAS, C 322, 248
Food and Beverage Management  C, L 055, 814
General Engineering  AS 410
General Studies  AA 129
Geographic Education  C 183
Graphic Design  AFA, AAS, C(2) 902A, 304A
Graphic Design AAS 304A
Graphic Design , School of Art + Design AFA 902A
Graphic Design with Digital Tools  C 239
Health Education  AA 186
Health Enhancement, Exercise Science, and Physical Education  AA, C  
Health Information Management  AAS, C  
Health Information Management  AAS
Health Fitness  AA 157B
Hospitality Management  AAS C (3), L (3)  
Hospitality Management  AAS 347*
Hospitality Supervision and Leadership  C, L 233, 813
Title Type(s) of Program Program of Study Code
HVAC C, L 244, 808A
Illustration  A.A.S. 305
Information Systems  A.A. 109
Information Technology  C 213
Interior Design   AA, AAS, C (3)  
Interior Design, Advanced  C 224
Interior Design, Introductory  C 226
Interior Design, Industry Partnership  C 225
Interior Design—Preprofessional  AA, AAS 102, 306*
International Studies  A.A. 152
Internet Games and Simulation  C 232
Introductory Interior Design  C 226
IT Professional + Certificate  C 254
Java Developer Certificate  C 250
Landscape Technology  AAS, C 328, 140
Legal Analysis  L 804
Liberal Arts and Sciences  AA  152
Life Science  AS 412A
Title Type(s) of Program Program of Study Code
Management   C, L 145, 805A
Management of Construction (Construction Management)
AAS, C 303, 142
Materials Science and Engineering AS 413
Mathematics  AS 412B
Mechanical Engineering  AS 404
Medical Coder/Abstractor/Biller  C 218
Meeting, Conference and Event Planning C, L 237, 815
Mental Health Associate AAS
Music   AAA, C 054, 204
Network Engineer  C 215*
Network and Wireless Technologies AAS, C(3)  
Network and Wireless Technologies AAS 354*
Nuclear Engineering  AS 405
Nursing AS † 
Title Type(s) of Program Program of Study Code
Paralegal Studies (see also Legal Analysis) AAS, C, L 341, 156, 804
Personal Trainer (Advanced) and  Personal Trainer Examination Preparation  C, L 191B,  821
Photographic Techniques  C 194
Photography  AAS, C (4)  
Photography  AAS 342
Photography Master  C 196
Photoshop Letter of Recognition                
Physical Education Teacher Preparation/Coaching  A.A. 159A
Physical Therapist Assistant AAS † 
Physics  AS 412C
Polysomnography Technology C 535
Portrait, Fashion, and Photojournalism  C 172
Powertrain Specialist    C 161A
Title Type(s) of Program Program of Study Code
Pre-Dentistry (see Life Science) AS 412A
Pre-Medical Technology (see Life Science) AS 412A
Pre-Medicine (see Life Science) AS 412A
Pre-Optometry(see Life Science) AS 412A
Pre-Pharmacy (see Life Science) AS 412A
Printing Technology  C 176
Radio  AAS 309
Radio Production  C 208
Radiologic (X-Ray) Technology AAS  †
Residential Remodeling and Repair C, L 236A, 818
Science  AS (5) † 
Studio Art AFA 910
Supervisory   L 805A
Surgical Technology  AAS † 
Sustainability  LOR 820
Title Type(s) of Program Program of Study Code
Technical Writing  C 143
Television  AAS 310
Television Production C 209
Theatre  AA 128, 011, 014
Transfer Studies C 234
Undercar Specialist   C 163A
Web Careers:     Digital Media and Web Technology     AAS 357
Web Design  C 229A
Web Development  C 231A
Web Programming  C 230
Wireless Technologies C 227
Women's Studies  C 251

Note: In the column for type(s) of program, C = certificate and L = letter of recognition. Program of Study Codes are listed for specific curricula; general curricular areas (in italics) that include multiple curricula do not have Program of Study Codes.
*  Programs with this notation include specialized tracks.  Students interested in pursuing studies in a specialized track should refer to the individual curricula for detailed information and the appropriate admissions code.
†See the curriculum description for information on the Program of Study Code. 

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