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Nursing A.S. (TP/SS)

Revised: Effective Semester - Fall 2013

Students who plan to major in nursing will be assigned the temporary major of pre-nursing, with POS code 570, until they are officially admitted to the nursing program. Students may take preparatory courses and courses that fulfill general education requirements during the waiting period. As an alternative to being assigned a temporary major, students waiting for admission to the nursing program may choose to major in general studies or any other open-admission program. The Admissions and Records Office at Takoma Park/Silver Spring will assign a matriculated code once students are admitted to the nursing program.

The basic nursing curriculum covers two academic years, is approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing, and is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. Upon successful completion of the curriculum, the graduate is granted the A. S. in nursing and is eligible to take the state board examination for registered nurse licensure. Graduates will be prepared to give competent nursing care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and other comparable health agencies under the supervision of more experienced practitioners and, with appropriate experience and further preparation, should be able to assume increasing responsibility in nursing. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other health agencies within the metropolitan area will provide the settings for a variety of clinical experiences, which are planned as a vital part of each nursing course.

In addition to the scholastic standards required of all students in the College, nursing students are required to achieve a grade of C or better in mathematics foundation, BI 203, BI 204, and BI 205, and each nursing course in order to continue in the program.

The nursing curriculum depends on proper sequencing of courses. All non-nursing courses in the curriculum, with the exception of the arts and humanities distribution courses, are to be completed prior to or during the semester in which they are listed.

This is a selective program with specific admissions requirements. Applications should be received in the Admissions Office by April 1 for fall semester and by August 1 for spring semester. For additional information, contact the Admissions and Records Office at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus, 240-567-1501, or the program department.

After acceptance into the nursing program, all students must obtain current CPR certification for “Healthcare Provider” or “Professional Rescuer” as well as a TB test or chest X-ray showing no evidence of tubercular disease. Clinical agencies require documented evidence (titers) of immunity to measles, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis B (immunization series may be in progress with titer obtained at its conclusion). In addition, knowledge of varicella (chicken pox) immune status by blood titer is required.

A suggested course sequence for full-time students follows; part-time students should consult an adviser.

General Education Requirements
Foundation Courses
English foundation 3
Mathematics foundation 3(4)
Distribution Courses    
Arts distribution 3
Humanities 3
PY 102 General Psychology (BSSD)


PY 203 Human Growth and Development during the Life Span 3
Sociology (BSSD)* 3
BI 204 Human Anatomy and Physiology I  (NSLD) 4
BI 205  Human Anatomy and Physiology II  (NSLD) 4
Program Requirements
BI 107 Principles of Biology I† 4
BI 203 Microbiology 4
NU 113 Fundamentals of Nursing 7
NU 114 Professionalism and Communication in Nursing 1
NU 121 Basic Health Assessment 1
NU 125 Nursing in Health and Illness I 4
NU 126 Nursing Care of Special Populations I:  Geriatric and Psychiatric Nursing 4
NU 129 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology in Nursing 2
NU 205 Transition to Professional Nursing Practice 1
NU 225 Nursing in Health and Illness II 4
NU 226 Nursing Care of Special Populations II:  Maternal / Child Nursing 5
NU 255 Nursing in Health and Illness III 7
Total credit hours 66-70

* Any sociology that meets the BSSD requirement.

†  BI 107, if needed for BI 203, 204, and BI 205.


Program Outcomes for the Nursing A. S. Degree

Upon completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • Maintain legal, ethical, evidence-based and professional standards in nursing.  
  • Utilize clinical reasoning in practice.
  • Practice patient centered care.
  • Demonstrate teamwork and collaboration. 
  • Effectively use current technology and informatics.  
  • Ensure a safe environment for patient, self, and others.

Refer to course description pages to identify courses with prerequisites.
Courses in italics meet General Education requirements

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