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Transfer Step 10 - Making the Transition

You’re collecting acceptance letters… now what?


The letter of admission usually comes with a request for a deposit. 

Pay the deposit by the deadline!  If you are still waiting to hear from some other schools, contact the Admissions Office of the school in writing (by e-mail) to ask about extending the deadline to make the deposit.

Sometimes your decision will be made when you compare the Financial Aid Packages sent by each school.  If you have questions about the Aid Package, discuss them with the Financial Aid office of the school making the offer, and/or ask for an opinion from financial aid counselor at MC.

If you didn’t get accepted…

The Admissions Office of the school that denied your admission may not be specific about why you were not accepted.  See a counselor at MC to discuss the situation.   In some cases, the transfer school may have an appeals process where you can add new information about your situation.  A counselor at MC may be able to help you see what may have driven the decision, and help you discover alternate options.

Schedule an Orientation/Registration Session 

Most schools have a very specific Orientation process to help new students register for classes.  The key to a good schedule is to register for the first available orientation or registration session - don't put this off.  Once you hear that you've been admitted, be persistent about finding out how to register for classes.  


Check the school's webpage for on-campus and off-campus options.  At many schools, on-campus spaces are limited for transfer students.  Be sure to meet all deadlines when you complete your application for on-campus housing.  When you consider off-campus options, research carefully!

Send final transcripts 

Even though you sent an official transcript with your application, the transfer school still needs to see  your final grades in your most recent classes.    There's a $7.00 charge per MC transcript sent - go into MyMC and find the Request an Official Transcript link.

Transfer Shock - It Happens 

It's common for students to go through an adjustment period after they transfer on to a college or university.  Here's some advice on how to make the transition a smooth one:

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