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Transfer Step 8 - The Application Process

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Applications for Transfer Admission

Most schools offer an on-line application.  Electronic applications allow you to track your admissions progress.   The Common Application is an alternate option for nearly 400 selective colleges and universities.  Many transfer schools use the Common Application exclusively. All give equal consideration to the Common Application and the college's own form.  Advantage:  fill out one main form for several schools, and then complete any additional pages for specific schools.

Click here for Montgomery College Directions for the Common Application.

Application Deadlines: 

Most institutions have different deadlines for freshman and transfer students. While some schools may have a June 1 deadline for Fall transfer admissions, you MUST apply earlier than the stated deadline to meet housing, scholarship, and financial aid deadlines (plan on January 20 as a financial aid deadline for most schools for a Fall transfer).  If your family has not completed tax forms needed to fill out the FAFSA, they can use the previous years tax information to estimate figures for the FAFSA and correct them later once the current tax year information is complete.

Go to the MC Transfer Times to see sample Transfer Application Deadlines 


The number of spaces for transfer students is decreasing as more students elect to stay in the State of Maryland.  You MUST apply well in advance of published deadlines for maximum consideration – in general, February for Fall, October for Spring.  If you miss the preferred deadline for transfer admission (say it was listed as March 1, and you're applying in April), then call the Admissions Office of the school to ask whether they're still accepting applications from transfer students. 

APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID and SCHOLARSHIPS by the stated deadline or March 1!

Montgomery College CEEB Codes: 

MONTGOMERY COLLEGE GERMANTOWN - 5393                     MC Title IV Code for all campuses (FAFSA):
MONTGOMERY COLLEGE ROCKVILLE - 5440                                   006911
MONTGOMERY COLLEGE TAKOMA PARK - 5414                     

Writing Essays

While it's true that colleges are more concerned about the content of a transfer student's transcript than they are about the application essay, take this task seriously.  Don't dash it an essay without having someone else review your work. 

College Essay Writing Tips from the College Board

Some schools don't require application essays for transfer students.  Your transcript of grades tells those schools exactly what they need to know.  If an essay is not required, but you have an unusual circumstance, write a letter or statement and include it somewhere with your application.  If you had one bad semester in your freshman year, but the rest of your grades are much better - briefly, without agonizing detail, point that out.  You DON'T have to be too specific - "personal problems" is much better than "my girlfriend wrecked my car and left me for my brother", etc.

Letters of Recommendation

Students often ask faculty members for recommendations for college applications and scholarships. Some applications include blank recommendation forms - others instruct students to ask for a letter of recommendation.  Choose current or recent teachers who know you well enough to say positive things about you.  Help them by providing a list of your current activities and interests.  Use this printable questionnaire to provide background information to faculty members to make letter-writing more effective. This Word Document also includes a generic recommendation form.

 Instructor Recommendation Form Use if the institution does not provide a form.

Remember to give recommendation writers at least two weeks to complete your form.  If you know that you'll need more than one letter from a professor or counselor, let them know in advance that you'll be coming back for more.

NOTE:  Not all colleges ask for Letters of Recommendation.  The University of Maryland, College Park, UMBC, Towson, Salisbury - none of these schools request them.  Don't bother your overworked professors for letters if they're not required!  Your grades at MC are convincing enough for schools to make their decision to admit.  If you are a borderline student ( 3.0 GPA or lower for UMCP, less than 2.5 for other MD schools), or if you have had some serious ups and downs in your academic history, or if the school initially rejects you, then consider supplementing your application with a recommendation from an instructor who knows you well.  If you meet the school's GPA requirements and have no unusual circumstances, you don't need to submit letters of recommend if they aren't specifically required!

Requesting a Montgomery College Transcript

In general, you'll need two copies of your transcript sent for each college application:  

  • one to be sent along with the application form, and
  • a second one sent at the end of the semester showing your final grades.  

There's a $7.00 charge per MC transcript sent.  Go into MyMC to find the link:  Request an Official Transcript.

Because MC sends transcripts electronically to most Maryland public schools, it's fine to have your transcript sent separately from your application form.  When transcripts arrive at schools where applications have not been received, schools hold on to transcripts for about 6 months, waiting for the rest of the application to arrive.  Go ahead and have your transcript sent if you're nearing a deadline and your application isn't quite done.

Some students feel that they must hand-carry their transcript or include a paper copy with their application.  Unless a school specifically asks you to do this, it's better to let MC send it for you.  MC will send your transcripts to all Maryland schools electronically - UMCP in particular MUCH prefers this.  The electronic transcript loads right into your application file,

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