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Transfer Step 8 - The Application Process

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Applications for Transfer Admission

Most schools offer an on-line application.  Electronic applications allow you to track your admissions progress.   The Common Application is an alternate option for nearly 400 selective colleges and universities.  Many transfer schools use the Common Application exclusively. All give equal consideration to the Common Application and the college's own form.  Advantage:  fill out one main form for several schools, and then complete any additional pages for specific schools.

Click here for Montgomery College Directions for the Common Application.

Application Deadlines: 

Most institutions have different deadlines for freshman and transfer students. While some schools may have a June 1 deadline for Fall transfer admissions, you MUST apply earlier than the stated deadline to meet housing, scholarship, and financial aid deadlines (plan on January 20 as a financial aid deadline for most schools for a Fall transfer).  If your family has not completed tax forms needed to fill out the FAFSA, they can use the previous years tax information to estimate figures for the FAFSA and correct them later once the current tax year information is complete.

Here are some sample deadlines which are typical of many schools:


University of
Maryland, College Park 


UMCP Transfer Application Deadlines:

Priority Application Deadline for Fall Admission (Entry for semester beginning in September)

MARCH 1, 2015  Apply by this date for best consideration for admission.
March 1: You’ll receive a decision beginning in mid-April if you complete the application by this date. Due to space limitations, early application is strongly encouraged.  [MC NOTE:  your application is not considered complete unless your transcript(s) are also received by March 1]
March 1: If you are an international applicant and/or an applicant with any non-U.S. academic records, you must apply by this date.

MTAP Students:  If you are in MTAP, check the box on the Transfer Application AND mention this in your 300-word Essay.  If you have courses in progress in Spring 2013 to finish the MTAP requirements, mention this. 

If you apply AFTER March 1 through June 1, you will not receive notification of admission until early July.

Regular Application Deadline  
June 1: You’ll receive a decision in early July if you complete the application by this date. For best consideration, you are strongly encouraged to apply by the priority deadline of March 1.

Confirmation Deadline 30 days from date of admission.

MTAP – The Maryland Transfer Advantage Program

Guarantees admission to students who meet qualifications (30 transferable credits completed which must include ENGL 102/103 and MATH 110 or higher).  Does not apply to LEP (Limited Enrollment Programs); however, all students are encouraged to apply.  Why?  Some LEP students change majors or do not qualify for the LEP program but still want to transfer to UM in an alternate major.  For some students, enrollment in the LEP comes later, so the MTAP admissions advantage assures admission while students are finishing LEP Gateway courses.Who should apply?  All incoming freshmen at Montgomery College are encouraged to apply to MTAP, regardless of transfer destination.  MTAP keeps the door open to admission for all students, regardless of major (LEP or non-LEP).  

When should students apply?  MTAP applications only become “live” each semester on the UM Apply website between these dates (approximate):

        - MTAP Enrollment Fall:  Late September through November 15
        - MTAP Enrollment Spring:  April 15 through June 1 

Prospective MTAP students: Have you attended any other colleges?  If yes, the GPA calculated for MTAP is combination of all institutions attended.   The overall combined GPA from all schools must be at least a 3.0 for MTAP.  Use the MC GPA Calculator to combine GPA's from MC and previous colleges/universities attended:   

MTAP Benefits 

  • Guaranteed admission to UMD upon successful completion of the program and submission of a transfer application by the priority deadline to UMD. 
  • Opportunities to take UMD courses at a reduced tuition while enrolled at the community college. 
  • Complete your  program at MC while planning for successful transfer to the University of Maryland College Park.

MTAP students who have completed 15 credits at Montgomery College may receive: 

Maryland Transfer Advantage

Find Pre- Transfer Advising through 15- minute Walk In Advising Appointments (Monday & Thursday: 1:30pm – 4:00pm); 30 minute Advising Appointments (AIM, In Person, Telephone); e-mail (; and through scheduled Community College Visits. Phone (301.405.9448 and 301.405.9449.

UMCP has 14 competitive majors, called Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP), which have additional "Gateway" course requirements and GPA minimums, see the list here:  

On-campus housing (dormitory) opportunities for transfer students are very limited - you may apply, but also investigate the resources of the Off Campus Housing Office.

Full List of UMCP Majors:

Towson University 

Towson Transfer Deadline

January 15, 2015:  Final application deadline for fall 2015 admission (this deadline may be extended on a space available basis)

"Priority admission is reserved for transfer students from a Maryland community college who have earned at least 56 transferable credits, are in good academic standing, and have maintained a GPA that meets the policies set by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and University System of Maryland policies. 


·  Business majors must have a separate GPA of 2.7 for all Core Business courses - see details here. The Business major at TU requires both MA160 Elementary Applied Calculus and BA210 or MA116 Statistics, as well as MG 201 Business Law.

·  Towson has 21 “Screened Majors.” Admission to the university does not guarantee admission to "screened" majors. Some screened majors require prerequisite courses or a specific GPA, other programs require a portfolio review or audition for admission. See Screened Majors here: 

·  Full List of Towson Majors: 

University of Maryland, Baltimore County 

UMBC Transfer Application Deadlines
Fall 2015
Priority - March 15 - Decision letters are mailed beginning in late March.
Regular - May 31 - Decision letters are mailed beginning in early June.


UMBC uses the Online Common Application for transfer students.  "School Forms" are OPTIONAL for transfer students – they do NOT have to submit Letters of Recommendation from faculty or other “School Forms”.  See the fine print of Item 6! 

Letters of Recommendation are advisable when a student may be borderline for admission.   For most majors, students with a 2.75 or higher are in the range of admissibility.   As per Item 6, Letters of Recommendation may be sent in paper form to the Admissions Office.

Three Departments  at UMBC have Competitive Admissions Policies:   Engineering, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts.  See each policy below:

ENGINEERING:  GATEWAY CRITERIA  Each engineering major has specific GATEWAY courses required and Repeat Policies.  See policies here: 
List of Engineering Majors @ UMBC:  Chemical Engineering; Computer Engineering; Computer Science; Mechanical Engineering 

VISUAL ARTS – Portfolio Requirements  - students must submit portfolios by specific dates prior to admission. 

Visual Arts Concentrations are:  Animation/Interactive Media; Art History & Museum Studies; Cinematic Arts; Graphic Design; Intermedia; Photography; Print Media

PERFORMING ARTS – Audition Requirements for Dance, Music, and Theatre Majors 

Guaranteed Admission Program - UMBC’s Transfer Student Alliance (TSA) offers scholarships, guaranteed admission and housing for qualified students.  This program is open only to new MC students who have completed 30 credits or LESS at MC.  See the TSA Page for details: 

- UMBC has a foreign language requirement for all majors. Check out the specific ways to meet this requirement

- Students who are in Phi Theta Kappa, the MC Honor Society, may qualify for scholarships at UMBC.

UMBC List of Majors: 

University of Maryland, University College 

Admission is granted on a rolling basis - no specific deadlines. UMUC advisors are willing to meet with current MC students to evaluate transcripts and make recommendations for continued coursework. Try to go for advising during non-peak times (February - late March).


UMUC has generous transfer scholarships, offered both in Fall and Spring, to community college students who have completed an associate's degree: 

UMUC's Curriculum Planning Worksheets will help you develop a comprehensive four-year plan.

Guaranteed Admission Program Many Montgomery College degrees transfer to UMUC in their entirety through the Alliance Program. Find Alliance Worksheets at this link.

UMUC List of Majors: 

American University 

- Apply by March 1 to Transfer in Fall 2015. Final deadline July 1 (March 1 is the deadline to be considered for scholarships/financial aid.) 

Minimum Admissions Requirements

Students who wish to be considered for transfer admission must be in good academic and social standing at all previously attended schools.

Competitive transfer applicants have a GPA of at least 2.5/4.0 at their current institution. The following AU academic units have specific minimum GPA requirements:

·         Kogod School of Business: 2.5

·         School of Communication: 2.5

·         School of Education: 2.7

·         School of International Service: 3.0

·         School of Public Affairs: 2.5

List of Majors at American University:

Howard University 

Transfer in Fall 2015:  Apply by Feb. 15th Admission criteria vary among Howard University's schools and colleges. In general, a transfer student must transfer a minimum of 15 credit hours from a regionally accredited postsecondary institution, have earned a 2.5 cumulative grade point average and received a passing grade of C or better in both a college-level English and college-level math course. Additional credentials such as a high school transcript and SAT scores may be requested for admission.

List of Majors at Howard University:

Did You Know?

Most Popular Howard Majors: Biology, Finance, Journalism, Marketing, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Political Science, Psychology, Radio and Television

The Howard University Transfer Scholarship is a competitive program designed to provide financial assistance to prospective transfer applicants who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement while attending an accredited community college and wish to complete their undergraduate studies at Howard University.  To be eligible for consideration, prospective transfer applicants must have at least 30 transferable credit hours at the time of admission and at least a 3.25 grade point average from their transferring institution.  The Transfer scholarship is a one-time award of $10,000 only offered in the fall semester.

YOUR School If you didn't see your school listed, search for the Transfer Admissions section of your school's page for application information.


The number of spaces for transfer students is decreasing as more students elect to stay in the State of Maryland.  You MUST apply well in advance of published deadlines for maximum consideration – in general, February for Fall, October for Spring.  If you miss the preferred deadline for transfer admission (say it was listed as March 1, and you're applying in April), then call the Admissions Office of the school to ask whether they're still accepting applications from transfer students. 

APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID and SCHOLARSHIPS by the stated deadline or March 1!

Montgomery College CEEB Codes: 

MONTGOMERY COLLEGE GERMANTOWN - 5393                     MC Title IV Code for all campuses (FAFSA):
MONTGOMERY COLLEGE ROCKVILLE - 5440                                   006911
MONTGOMERY COLLEGE TAKOMA PARK - 5414                     

Writing Essays

While it's true that colleges are more concerned about the content of a transfer student's transcript than they are about the application essay, take this task seriously.  Don't dash it an essay without having someone else review your work. 

College Essay Writing Tips from the College Board

Some schools don't require application essays for transfer students.  Your transcript of grades tells those schools exactly what they need to know.  If an essay is not required, but you have an unusual circumstance, write a letter or statement and include it somewhere with your application.  If you had one bad semester in your freshman year, but the rest of your grades are much better - briefly, without agonizing detail, point that out.  You DON'T have to be too specific - "personal problems" is much better than "my girlfriend wrecked my car and left me for my brother", etc.

Letters of Recommendation

Students often ask faculty members for recommendations for college applications and scholarships. Some applications include blank recommendation forms - others instruct students to ask for a letter of recommendation.  Choose current or recent teachers who know you well enough to say positive things about you.  Help them by providing a list of your current activities and interests.  Use this printable questionnaire to provide background information to faculty members to make letter-writing more effective. This Word Document also includes a generic recommendation form.

 Instructor Recommendation Form Use if the institution does not provide a form.

Remember to give recommendation writers at least two weeks to complete your form.  If you know that you'll need more than one letter from a professor or counselor, let them know in advance that you'll be coming back for more.

NOTE:  Not all colleges ask for Letters of Recommendation.  The University of Maryland, College Park, UMBC, Towson, Salisbury - none of these schools request them.  Don't bother your overworked professors for letters if they're not required!  Your grades at MC are convincing enough for schools to make their decision to admit.  If you are a borderline student ( 3.0 GPA or lower for UMCP, less than 2.5 for other MD schools), or if you have had some serious ups and downs in your academic history, or if the school initially rejects you, then consider supplementing your application with a recommendation from an instructor who knows you well.  If you meet the school's GPA requirements and have no unusual circumstances, you don't need to submit letters of recommend if they aren't specifically required!

Requesting a Montgomery College Transcript

In general, you'll need two copies of your transcript sent for each college application:  

  • one to be sent along with the application form, and
  • a second one sent at the end of the semester showing your final grades.  

There's a $7.00 charge per MC transcript sent.  Go into MyMC to find the link:  Request an Official Transcript.

Because MC sends transcripts electronically to most Maryland public schools, it's fine to have your transcript sent separately from your application form.  When transcripts arrive at schools where applications have not been received, schools hold on to transcripts for about 6 months, waiting for the rest of the application to arrive.  Go ahead and have your transcript sent if you're nearing a deadline and your application isn't quite done.

Some students feel that they must hand-carry their transcript or include a paper copy with their application.  Unless a school specifically asks you to do this, it's better to let MC send it for you.  MC will send your transcripts to all Maryland schools electronically - UMCP in particular MUCH prefers this.  The electronic transcript loads right into your application file,

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