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Advising by Major - Business

What can I do with a degree in Business? 

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What classes do I take at Montgomery College to prepare for a Business Major?

Requirements for Business Majors are fairly standard regardless of your transfer destination.  Follow the MC Associate of Arts in Business degree.  The basic classes are ACCT 221 & 222 Principles of Accounting I & II, BSAD 101 Intro. to Business, and ECON 201 & 202 Principles of Business I & II.  Most schools require two math courses, MATH 150 Elementary Applied Calculus and a Statistics from either BSAD 210 Statistics for Business Administration or MATH 117 Elements of Statistics.  One local exception is the University of Maryland, University College, UMUC, where MATH 110 Survey of College Math can be taken in place of MATH 150. Check with each school to be sure that you are selecting the right classes.  MGMT 201 Business Law is also a course that may not be required by your transfer school - for example, at the Smith School of Business UMCP, it is not required, but it is required for Towson.

UMCP - Smith Business School Transfer Advising Page

Recommended Courses for Transfer to the UM College Park Smith School of Business, both Main Campus and Shady Grove

This list of MC courses are for students who intend to transfer to the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business, either Main Campus or Shady Grove.  They may also be helpful if you're undecided about a transfer school.  

The Macklin Business Institute

Montgomery College, Rockville Campus.  The Macklin Business Institute offers an honors and mentoring program to freshmen and sophomore-year business students. The college-wide program includes participation in business honors courses, a seminar each week, and mentoring by both a faculty member and a corporate executive. A business internship and scholarship support will also be available to students accepted into the Institute. 

Options for Business Majors - Creating a "Plan B" 

  • If you're applying to a competitive business program, make sure you have options to your Plan A.  See this list of alternate majors and alternate business schools - there are many possibilities. 

Business Programs Within A 50-Mile Radius of the MC Rockville Campus  

  • Over 30 different area college and universities in the area offer business and business-related majors. 

Transfer Agreements - MC Business & Related Degrees

Go to this site to see Montgomery College business transfer agreements which assure the smooth transfer of Business AA degrees MC to four-year institutions.   

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The MC Advising by Major – Business page has a list of schools within a 50-mile driving radius of Rockville.

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