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FAQ about Givepulse

Frequently Asked Questions about Montgomery College's Givepulse portal

I'm a student interested in volunteer opportunities. What can I do with Givepulse? 
Sign up for MC-sponsored opportunities, share your service hours from ANY project (MC-sponsored or not), and earn service awards. Go to to get started.

I'm a club leader organizing club service events. Do I need to use Givepulse?
Definitely! Promote your events, track registrations from your club members, AND log their service hours using Givepulse. Your first step is to get a subgroup created that you can be an admin of. Request to be an admin of your own subgroup here

I'm a faculty member teaching service-learning courses. Do I need to use Givepulse? 
Yes. We're required to track waivers, placements, and hours for ALL service-learning students at MC. Givepulse is our preferred way to do this. With Givepulse, you'll also get timely updates from students as they serve at their sites, an easy way to confirm completion of required hours at the semster's end, and more. Contact your campus Service-Learning Program point to get started.

I'm a nonprofit hosting MC student volunteers. Do I need to use Givepulse? 
We ask that you help us verify student volunteering by responding to Givepulse verification emails. This paper-less process is more trustworthy, environmentally friendly, and timely. However, if you require a different tracking process or paper forms, please contact us to make other arrangements for verifying student hours.

You can also, FOR FREE, promote and manage your volunteer opportunities as an affiliate of Montgomery College in the Givepulse network. If you're interested, let us know!

I have two (or more) accounts. How do I fix this?
Follow the instructions to merge your two accounts here.
Be sure to log into your MC account with your MyMC username & password (the account you want to keep), then follow the instructions to merge your other account.

My hours haven't been verified. How do I fix this? 
Go to your account settings, then "My Impacts." Click "Verification Requests" under the "Not Verified" button to resend or update information for your verification requests.

If your site supervisor never verifies your impact, we may use the reflection & description you submit with your hours to administratively verify. If you leave this blank, we cannot do this. Be sure to ALWAYS submit a reflection & description with your impacts!

I've done service hours for a class, but my professor can't see my hours. How do I fix this?
Go to your account settings, then "My Impacts." For each impact, select "Update Impact" and scroll to the bottom of the page. Was your course section checked on the list of groups or organizations your impact is shared with? If not, check it and save your updates.

If it was already checked, reach out to your Service-Learning Program contact for help.

I'm an admin for a Givepulse subgroup or service-learning course. How do I do anything?

Givepulse has videos to walk you through most scenarios here

You can also search for the answer to your question on the Givepulse Support page here.

Or reach out to your Service-Learning Program contact for individual support.

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