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Learning Outcomes Assessment

Academic Program Outcomes Assessment – Fall 2011

Program Outcomes-Course Outcomes Alignment Forms (or Matrices)

This Fall, the following disciplines, which undergo CAR process, will be asked to align their program outcomes with the courses and the respective course outcomes.  The disciplines will complete a program-course outcomes alignment matrix for each degree or certifcate program  to indicate which course outcomes are aligned to which program outcomes.  Upon completion of the alignment matrix, the discipline will identify 1 to 2 courses that address the most program outcomes.  That course (or courses) will undergo Outcomes Assessment process in the following academic year.

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List of Programs (.docx)


The following documents are for internal use only.  Please disseminate at your discretion.

Lead Dean
Lead VPP
Courses Map
(Spring 2011) zip file
Program-Course Outcomes Matrix 
zip file
Program Assessment Plans (Spring 2013)

(BU) Building Trades


Payne Spring 2012 

(BA) Business


Ackerman yes  Spring 2012  Spring 2013 

(CT) Construction Technologies


Payne Spring 2012  Spring 2013 

(FM/HM) Food and Hosp Mgmt


Ackerman yes Spring 2012  Spring 2013 

(HS) History


Steward yes  International Studies  Spring 2013 
(ID) Interior Design Roberts Payne yes  Spring 2012   
(LN) Landscape Technology


Rai yes  Spring 2012 
(PG) Photography Preston  Payne yes  Spring 2012  Spring 2013 
(PE) Physical Education Pickwick  Stewart yes  Spring 2012  Spring 2013 
(PH) Physics  Chang  Rai yes  Spring 2012  Spring 2013 
(SL) American Sign Language  Terry Ackerman  yes   Spring 2012  Spring 2013 
(TR) TV-Radio  Preston Ackerman yes  Spring 2012 
(WS) Women's Studies Terry  Rai   Spring 2012    
(PC) Physical Science (no programs) Sniezek Stewart N/A n/a n/a

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