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Typical Courses Required for Chemistry Majors:  

Chemistry majors at most four-year institutions usually require the following MC courses:

CHEM 131 & 132 [former CH101 & 102] Principles of Chemistry I & II

CHEM 203 & 204 Organic Chemistry I & II

MATH 181 & 182 Calculus I & II

PHYS 161, 262 & 263 General Physics I, II, & III  (a calculus-based physics) - varies by school.

Biochemistry:  BIOL 150 Principles of Biology [former BI107]

Check specific requirements for Chemistry or Biochemistry majors using  ARTSYS if you plan to transfer to a Maryland school, or refer to the Major Requirements website of other schools for exact information on course requirements.


Changes at the University of Maryland, College Park for Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors  

UMCP has made significant changes in the Science curricula, noted below.  Also see the UMCP Limited Enrollment Program page for Majors in: Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Environmental Science and Policy-Biodiversity and Conservation 

Biology Courses [for Biochemistry Majors]  

  • BSCI 105 (Principles I) = MC's BIOL150 Principles of Biology I [former BI107]
  • and one additional BIOL, see UM advising page.

Chemistry Course Sequence @ UMCP:  

  • CHEM 131      General Chemistry I & Lab = MC's CHEM 131 Prin. of Chemistry I [former CH101]
  • CHEM 231      Organic Chemistry I & Lab = MC's CHEM 203 Organic Chemistry I [CH203]
  • CHEM 241      Organic Chemistry II & Lab = MC's CHEM 204 Organic Chem II [CH204]
  • CHEM 271      General Chemistry and Energetics = MC's CHEM 132 Prin. of Chem. II [CH102]
  • CHEM 272      Bioanalytical Chemistry Lab, 2 credits - There is no equivalent @ MC, students take this after transfer or while enrolled at MC through  MTAP  

MC students who have completed MC's Principles of Chem I & II  and Organic Chem I & II [CHEM 131, 132, 203, and 204] will have to take CHEM 272 Bioanalytical Chem Lab [2 cr.] (but not CHEM 271) at UMCP to complete the chemistry requirement for a Life Science major at UMCP. Students who wish to take CHEM272 at UMCP may do so through the  MTAP program, where students may take one course at UMCP while enrolled at MC.  

Physics Course Sequence:  

UMCP has a new Physics series for Chemistry majors:  PHYS 141 & 142, Principles of Physics I and II - MC does not offer an equivalent for these courses; however, students may satisfy the PHYS requirement with PHYS 161 General Physics for Engineers I and 262 General Physics for Engineers II.  Students at UMCP take the Physics sequence in the sophomore year.

Montgomery College's PHYS 233 - PHYSICS FOR LIFE SCIENCES I - 4 credits
The first part of a two-semester course in general physics specifically oriented towards applications relevant for students in biology and pre-medical programs. The course covers basic mechanics including forces and energy, properties of matter, and thermodynamics done in authentic biological contexts. PREREQUISITES: MATH 181, BIOL 150, BIOL 151, and CHEM 131, or consent of department. COREQUISITE: MATH 182. 3 hours lecture, 4 hours laboratory/discussion each week. 


See UMCP Four-Year Plans for suggested course sequencing: 


Pharmacy vs. Pharmacology  

Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dental, and other Pre-Professional School Advising Websites
Visit these and google "Pre-Med Advising", etc. for advising information:


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