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Title Nine

Sexual Violence Prevention for Community Colleges

Montgomery College is committed to providing a supportive learning environment and fostering safe, healthy relationships among our students. Here’s a sad, troubling fact that you may know: Sexual assault and sexual violence are serious issues on college campuses almost everywhere. As such, you should also know this important fact. MC will not tolerate sexual assault and violence offenses. The College will take comprehensive measures to keep you safe.

All students are encouraged to complete the training "Sexual Assault Prevention for Community Colleges". This engaging program, which includes a confidential survey and brief tests to personalize your learning experience, offers the following important information:

  • Key definitions and statistics
  • Reflective and personalized content
  • Bystander skill and confidence-building strategies
  • College policies, procedures and resources

Your responses will be confidential. The College will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will never see any individual student's answers.

Montgomery College is very committed to offering learning opportunities to all members of our community, especially students, to improve health and welfare. We hope you enjoy the course!

Christopher Moy

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Sexual Assault Prevention for Community Colleges

Montgomery College

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