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Global Humanitites Institute

Core Workgroup

A group of faculty and staff work with the Director to create all programs of the Global Humanities Institute. Members of the Workgroup represent several disciplines and skills, and include the participation of others at the College whose contributions to our work are valuable.

Rita Kranidis
GHI Director
Professor, Department of English

Cinder C Barnes
Professor, English

Gloria Barron
Instructional Designer, ELITE

Marcia Bronstein
Professor, Department of English 

Jamie B. Gillan
Professor, Department of English

Evelyn Gonzalez-Mills

Jennifer M. Hatleberg

Rash Jain
Professor, ELAP

Dan Jenkins
Professor, Philosophy

Shelley Jones
Professor, World Languages      

Angela Lanier
Instructional Designer, ELITE

Carol Moore
Professor, Global Humanities

James T. Murray
Professor, ELAP

Carla I. Naranjo
Professor, World Languages

Joan Naake
Professor, English and Global Humanities

Nancy Nyland
Reference and Research Librarian

Kelly B. Rudin
Professor, History

Heather Satrom
Professor, ELAP

Nik R. Sushka
Service Learning

Deborah Taylor
Professor, English and Women's Studies

Usha Venkatesh
Professor, ELAP

Greg Wahl
Associate Professor, Department of English 

Charmaine L. Weston
Professor, English

Laura White
Multicultural Training Specialist, CPOD 

Global Humanities Institute Working Members and Affiliates (printable .docx file)

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