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We are looking for students staffers to work on the 2012/2013 edition.  The Red Jacket staff will work on events, promote the magazine, design the magazine, and read over submissions. An interest in reading, writing and editing is preferred. So far, The Red Jacket has assembled the following are the staff members, along with their responsibilities.

  • Vivian Garcia: Editor in Chief 
  • Joseph Dejoya: Art Advisor
  • Amber Ross-Ashton: Art Editor
  • Cat Hoover: Fiction Editor
  • Rebecca Levine: Fiction Editor/Promotions
  • MyCal McNeil: Staff Editor
  • David Argueta: Layout Editor
  • Cameron Roberts: Staff Photographer/Fiction Editor
  • Alex Friedman: NonFiction Editor
  • Shirley Ainoo: Poetry Editor
  • Jazmine Wade-Joyner: Submissions Editor


There will be more information and announcements as the semester goes on.  If you have any questions, or if you ever want to meet the staff, let me know.  It’s my pleasure to advice these students.  Their engagement and passion for art and literature reinforces why we love what we do. 

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