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English Language for Academic Purposes (ELAP) at Montgomery College

ELAI - Academic Integrated Skills

ELAI 990 (ELAI-English Language Academic Integrated Skills)


An advanced integrated skills course in Academic American English for non- native speakers of English. Emphasis on reading and aural comprehension of academic input and appropriate use of academic English in writing expository essays and short responses to readings and lectures. PREREQUISITE: placement by testing required by the College of non-native speakers of English or a grade of C or better in AELW 930, AELR 930 and AELS 920 or ELAW980, ELAR 980 and ELAS 980. Six hours each week. Formerly EL104, AELW940. SIX EQUIVALENT CREDIT HOURS. NOT APPLICABLE TO A DEGREE OR CERTIFICATE. MAY NOT BE USED TO SATISFY DEGREE REQUIREMENTS. NOT INCLUDED IN GPA CALCULATION.
Student Learning Outcomes:
1. The student will be able to apply reading skills to understand the content of college level texts.
2. The student will be able to use target academic vocabulary appropriately.
3. The student will be able to use critical thinking skills to paraphrase, summarize, synthesize and respond to information from multiple readings including charts and graphs orally and/or in writing
4. The student will be able to demonstrate control of a variety of sentence structures, with academic vocabulary and collocations appropriate for college-level writing.
5. The student will be able to produce a variety of multi-paragraph compositions of at least 400 words, both inside and outside of class, with well-developed explanations, descriptions, examples, and details with unity and coherence.
6. The student will be able to use sources to support ideas by using signal phrases, direct quotes, and paraphrased language when incorporating the words or ideas of others.
7. The student will be able to identify, locate and edit errors in grammar and punctuation

8. The student will be able to use a variety of listening skills to comprehend lectures and other video/audio sources
9. The student will be able to speak easily and articulately, self- correcting pronunciation and speech patterns for successful communication in academic settings

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