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Math 160: Elementary Applied Calculus I - Ingrid Brown-Scott

Professor Ingrid Brown-Scott
MA160, Elementary Applied Calculus I
Department of Mathematics
Rockville Campus, 05 Science West Building
Department Phone: 240-567-5216, Department Phone: 240-567-5194
Office Hours: E-mails and questions through discussion board. 

Welcome to MA 160, Elementary Applied Calculus I,

A general calculus course primarily for business students. This class is conducted entirely online. Unlike a traditional class, this class does not "meet" at any scheduled time. The class is ongoing from the first day of the semester until you complete the final exam. This allows you to do your homework and "go to class" at whatever times best fit your schedule. This is NOT a self-paced class. This means students cannot move ahead in the syllabus, complete assignments and finish the course early. You and your classmates are a community of learners, not a collection of independent study students, so you all need to keep on the same schedule. Interact with me and your classmates regularly. Get to know each other on the Discussion Boards. The traditional classroom lecture will be replaced by reading assignments, online activities, and class discussions on the Discussion Board in BlackBoard.

Online math courses are best suited for students who have a history of being strong independent learners, have excellent academic self-discipline, have a place to work without being distracted or interrupted, and who are not easily flustered by computer malfunctions. You need to be comfortable with basic computer skills (including sending and receiving email, downloading attachments, viewing and printing pdf documents, listening to audio files using speakers or headphones, etc). Five or six days of computer access per week is optimal; access from home is ideal. A reliable computer, dependable internet access, and an up-to-date web browser are absolutely necessary.
Professor Ingrid Brown-Scott

Office Location: Room 05 Science West Building, Rockville Campus

Office Phone Number: 240-567-5216

Office Hours: I will be checking your emails and questions from the discussion board frequently each week. If you would like to meet with me personally, email me or call me so we can arrange a time to meet. You are welcome to come to see me.

Email Address: (During the course you should contact me by BlackBoard email or post general questions in the Q & A section of the discussion board.)
A general calculus course primarily for business students. Topics include algebraic, exponential, and logarithmic functions and their graphs, an intuitive approach to limits, differentiation, integration, and functions of several variables. Major emphasis is on applications in business, economics, and the life sciences.
The course is not open for credit to students who have a grade of C or better in MA 181 or equivalent. (MATF) PREREQUISITE: A grade of C or better in MA 099, appropriate score on mathematics assessment test, or consent of department. Assessment levels: EN 101/101A, RD 120. Four hours each week.
Required Text: Stewart and Clegg, Brief Applied Calculus, Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning, 2012 (ISBN 9781111698614 for BRIEF APPLIED CALCULUS W. WEBASSIGN PKG)

Required: Enhanced WebAssign is the online homework/assessment tool required to complete tests, quizzes, and homework. The Montgomery College bookstore sells textbooks with the online access code. The access code is also available online from Cengage Learning.

Required: Graphing Calculator: TI 83/83+, 84/84+ preferred. Note: Students are NOT permitted to use a TI-89, TI-92, or other equivalent calculators containing computer algebra system capability.
Students are expected to respond to questions on the Blackboard Discussion Board weekly.

Online homework will be assigned weekly.

Thirty-minute quizzes will be administered online every week.

Two two-hour tests will be administered online.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Power Point Viewer
Word Viewer
Microsoft Office or alternative
Flash Brower Plug-in
Equation Editor
The two-hour midterm and final exams are proctored "paper and pencil" assessments students will take at the Montgomery College Assessment Center. Arrangements to take the exam in another proctored setting must be approved at least two weeks in advance of the exam.
For more detailed course information, email me and I will send you a course syllabus. I look forward to working with you.

For additional information, please contact your instructor.

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