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Email Signature Template
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About the Montgomery College Email Signature Template
The email signature template includes all three official Montgomery College email signature formats, and has been designed to help you create your email signature. Just download the template, select your preferred format, and follow the instructions below.

To download the email signature template, click on the image or the “Download Template” link and save the file to your computer.

*NOTE: Please do not download a MC logo to your computer for use. Rather, per Instructions 13-15 below, copy/paste the URL provided to insert the logo.

How to Create an Email Signature in Outlook

  1. Download the email signature template to your computer.
  2. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Click on "File."
  4. Click on "Options."
    Email Signature  
  5. Click on "Mail."
    Email Signature
  6. Click on "Signatures." Email Signature Format  
  7. Click on “New” to create a new email signature. Enter the name for your email signature and click on “OK.”
  8. Open Microsoft Word and open the email signature template.
  9. Select an email signature format. Highlight the pre-formatted email signature. Press "Control + C" on your keyboard to copy it.
    Email Signature Format  
  10. Return to Microsoft Outlook. Paste the email signature into the “Edit Signature” text field by pressing “Control + V” on your keyboard.
    Email Signature Format
  11. Edit the email signature to include your contact information.
  12. How to Add Your Email Address

  13. Highlight "Insert Email Address Here" and enter your email address. Press the “Enter” key once to create one line space in between your email address and "Insert Montgomery College Logo Here."
    Email Signature  
  14. How to Add Montgomery College’s Logo

  15. Highlight "Insert Montgomery College Logo Here." Click on the "Insert Picture" icon. Email Signature  
  16. Go to "File name"; and enter this URL. Signature  
  17. Click on the arrow next to “Insert” and select "Link to File" to insert Montgomery College’s logo. Email Signature
    Email Signature
  18. How to Add a Confidentiality Cause

  19. If your department requires a confidentiality clause on all outgoing emails, enter your department’s confidentiality clause. The confidentiality clause should always appear at the end of your email signature.
  20. Click "Save" to save your email signature.

Include a Link to Your Department’s Website

If you included text links in your email signature to Montgomery College’s website, Twitter page, and Facebook page, you can include a link to your department’s website instead of Montgomery College’s main website.

To add a link to your department's website:

  1. Go to your email signature and highlight “Web.” Click on the “Insert Hyperlink” icon. Email Signature
  2. Go to “Address” and enter the URL for your department’s website. Click “OK.”
    Email Signature  
  3. Click "Save" to save your email signature.

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