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Management 101: Principles of Management - Dorothy Umans

Professor Dorothy Umans
MGMT101 - Principles of Management
Department of Business/Management
Gaithersburg Business Training Center, Suite 444
Department Phone: 240-567-3820, Department Phone: 240-567-1863
Office Hours: by phone, Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm 

Welcome to MGMT101 - Principles of Management,

You'll see this in your syllabus, should you choose to enroll in this class/section.

WE ARE PARTNERS IN LEARNING! This course is not easier because it's distance; nor should it be harder. It's just different as different faculty are and as different as you are from each other. But it will cover what I consider to be major tenets of management and you do have your text which basically covers it all. This course, however it is taught, does require discipline and independent work. The class is predicated on 20 chapters; we will cover most of them and you will have outlines of, and references to, all of them. You'll never remember it all. I do hope, however, that by continued repetition and looking at concepts/terms from a variety of dimensions and at different times in different ways, you'll begin to feel more comfortable with the topic. I've been working for rmore than 30 years on a full-time basis (since graduate school and in a variety of positions prior to that) as a "person" and as a manager. You learn from all perspectives. I don't know it all!

I don't remember it all and many aspects of management are very specialized. There's more information out there than anyone can possibly remember. But we can devleop a framework to think about management issues. And by the end of this course, through readings, discussions, and exercises, you will begin to develop your own management "tool kit" (things that you want to consider/remember to check out and structure on the job) and your own philosophy of management. I'm not necessarily an expert on any one topic but I am an expert in helping you develop a frameowrk to think about management. Asking good questions will help you find good answers. And developing practice in thinking about about and finding good answers is also what this course is about. You'll find an explanation of my course philosophy and additional information and perspective on requirements in Week 1, Lecture: Introduction.
I am an adjunct faculty member who has been teaching at MC since 2004. I began working in high school. I typically teach Business Law, MG 101 (principles of management) and MG 103 (marketing) online. I have taught BA 101 as a blended course. While I'd like to see you, I love teaching online because it can be done at any time, in any locale, etc. I can also do it in pieces. And while I don't see you, this course is so interactive, that we all get a good sense of each others values and perspectives, possibly more so than if we met each other on a face-to-face basis first.

I believe in applicable skills that transcend a course. They include reading, writing, critical thinking, and communication. I respect the diversity of people and I value the microcosm of society that these courses become. Thus while you will develop a body of knowledge on the subject, you will also practice these skills which affect your ability to function and succeed in the world.

I have a bachelor's degree in art history with a specialization in architecture; a M.S. and an education specialist (Ed.S) degree in counseling and personnel servces (from SUNY Albany), an MBA with a specialization in marketing (from Pace University); 15 credits (in a doctoral program from Columbia University) in organizational behavior and law; and the bulk of my coursework for a Ph.D. in higher ed. policy from UMCP.

My office is in the Gaithersburg Business and Training Center at 12 S. Summit Avenue, Gaithersburg, Suite 444, and I am currently the Acting Instructional Dean for Community Education and Extended Learning Services, Workforce Development and Continuing Education, at Montgomery College. I've also taught the equivalent of MG 101 as a 300 level course at Pace University, done programs and presentations for the FBI, the Graduate Management Admissions Council, and the Law School Admissions Council. ...and I spent five years working in a grocery store!:)
Principles of Management: Overview of the management movement, including development of management theory; survey of the organizational structure and basic managerial funcitions within organizations; the integration of the functions within organizations; the integration of the functions of management and application of decision making and leadership to general managerial situations. Includes the relationship of the internal ane external envirionment to the organization.
The management course requires readiness for ENGL 101/101A, READ 120. However your credibility in business is often predicated upon good communication skills. As such we will do a lot of writing. It is all open book and applied with time to ensure that your grammar, spelling, construction, citations, etc. are correct. Thus completion of ENGL 101/101A, at a minimum, is recommended by me and/or please ensure that you schedule additionl time to work on your writing, use the Writing Centers, etc. It's one of the best investments you can make in your future and this is a good place to practice!
We are using MGMT2 by Chuck Williams. It should NOT be available for resale and if someone tries to sell you a used one, don't buy it. This is a low cost book initiative (think about 55$ in the bookstore and only slightly lower at and Barnes and Noble and the publisher directly, about 49$?) You must have a new book because it has a publisher website support access code. I have instructions as to how to access it in my site when the course becomes available. So buy a next text and you can get the instructions on how to access their study supports, videos, etc. when you get into the class. If you order it online from the publisher or book sellers other than the bookstore itself, be VERY careful to ensure that you get it rapidly. Think you'll really like it. And the videos are really good too. Note: there is NO e-book option because this is a low-cost text initiative and this way it's already printed.
This is a participatory class and the assignments are to be completed withint the week's framework but they can be completed whenever you want as long as you meet that week's deadline. Everything is open book and applied because you won't remember it all; I want to emphasize what is important and provide a framework; you will need to know how to find info; and, especially in business and life, you need to know how to apply what you read and learn. That's what we're doing. Making it real and applicable for your professional and personal life!

In any case, you'll have quizzes (think of me highlighting: this is important) on all chapters, except, in the summer, the final chapters on control because there isn't enough time to cover it all, multiple required discussions each week, a mid-term (cases and tool kit), and a final exam, part of which is a paper based on an interview with a practicing manager of your choice. The other part of your final is the development of a personal management philosophy which you will be able to articulate to current and future employers and which will guide your growth. It's fast; it's fun; you'll learn a lot; and it is important as a framework which you'll utilize in future courses and in your career.

All of your assignments will be set and available when the course opens. No mysteries! Be present, be thinking, share, and try to get your assignments, especially the reading and discussions, done early in each week. That greatly enriches the exchanges. Each week has the same rhythm.
Nothing special. Just a reliable connection and anything specified by the system. You will need to pay special attention to pop-up blockers and fire walls depending on where you access your course. And, if you purchase a downloadable text, you will need the free version of Vital reader but MBS will instruct you.
There are NO on-campus requirements. Everything is set to do from a computer.

For additional information, please contact your instructor.

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